Canvas Print & Frame
First Cut

Canvas Print & Frame

This printable quote is both beautiful and easy to create with any Silhouette machine. The free design comes in both 8 x 10” and 5 x 7”. I cut the 5 x 7” design with my Curio on its standard base.

To make a print & cut with the 5 x 7” design on a Curio, simply move the design over to the workspace, rotate it 90 degrees, and set the following settings in your Design Page Settings Window:

  • Page Size = Width 8.5”, Height 6.0” (to represent paper that will cover your entire standard Curio cutting mat).
  • Landscape orientation
  • Cutting mat = Curio (cut) 8.5 x 6”
  • Check the box for Show Cut Border

In your Registration Marks Window:

  • Style = Type 1
  • Adjust the Position settings with the sliders so the registration marks all lay outside the design border. Technically you should never have any part of your design within the crosshatch area, but this design’s border did not seem to cause any problem in its original form.*

Registration Mark Position Adjustments

Now you’re ready to print. Click the Print icon and make sure if you’re using letter-size paper that you set it for Portrait orientation in your printer’s properties/preferences. (My printer will typically print Landscape if I have my Studio page set to Landscape in Design Page Settings, but in this case I’m going to cut off the bottom few vertical inches to fit on my Curio cutting mat. I still want it to print so it’s 8.5” wide, so I set it to Portrait orientation on my printer.)

Once it prints, trim off the extra so the total paper size is 8.5” x 6” to match the Curio cutting mat, and place it on your mat as you see on the screen. Never adjust anything on your Studio design page after printing and before cutting.

To cut, go to your Cut Settings Window, choose the appropriate media type and adjust your blade accordingly. (Be sure to set the correct tool and put your blade in that tool holder, and use the appropriate recommended Curio platforms.) When your settings are adjusted, choose Send to Silhouette and the Curio will read the registration marks and cut exactly where it’s supposed to.

Ready to frame! I printed mine on Silhouette’s new printable cotton fabric, and I just love the subtle texture it adds to the print.

Cotton print detail

Now here’s one more thing I want to share. If you are unfamiliar with the Shader Effects Window, this is a perfect design to experiment with. Did you know you can adjust the colors on many printable designs? (The Shader Effects Window is available on both the basic and Designer Edition.)

Simply select your design and then play with the various effects until you are happy with it. The changes will not take place until you click on Apply Effects at the bottom. To get this blue color, I selected Colorize and set the Hue to 48.4.

Silhouette Studio Shader Effects: Colorize

*One tip on this file when changing the colors: Please set the design’s line thickness to 0.0 in the Line Style Window so the outer edge doesn’t print and cause confusion for registration-mark reading. (Line thicknesses above 0.0 will show when printing if you have changed the color, and you definitely don’t want that when it falls within the registration-mark crosshatch area.)

I printed this one on Silhouette’s printable cotton canvas, which has a heavier texture than the cotton fabric shown above. Have fun playing with those Shader Effects!

Something to be thankful for_blue detail

Kelly Wayment

Hi! I'm Kelly Wayment and have loved working with Silhouette America on their design team since 2013 and contributing to their YouTube videos since 2017. I live in Utah with my husband and four kids. The Silhouette machine has literally changed the course of my life as it has turned my simple hobbies into ways to push the boundaries with my creativity, along with innumerable opportunities to teach and share that joy with others. You can find my blog at

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Cotton Fabric - Printable


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  1. Wow! This is awesome!! I need to get some of the printable fabric. I think this would make great Christmas gifts. 🙂

    1. I do love the printable fabric! That’s a great idea to do this for Christmas gifts, Kimberly. 🙂

  2. Hi Kelly, so glad that you are back! You learned me a new trick today, so thank you very much again!

    1. Thanks, Ilona! I’m happy you like those tricks. 🙂

  3. How did I not realize you could change the color?! Thanks for sharing Kelly!

    1. I know. That added feature kind of snuck in there a while back and it’s way under-utilized. 🙂

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