First Cut


Ink Stippling/Metal Stippling
Open your design in Silhouette Studio®. In the Page panel, change your page to “Curio (emboss)” if you are using your Curio or whichever page settings match the material you are using with your Cameo 3.
Use “Select Stipple Trace” in the Stipple panel. Drag a box around the image, choose a stipple style, and apply.
For the material type choose “Metal Stippling Sheets”. Insert the Stippling & Etching tool or a pen into the tool holder. If using Curio, place material on the embossing mat and hold it down with material fasteners. Otherwise, place material on a cut mat. Load your material.
Choose “Stipple” for the action and “Stipple Tool” for the tool.
Click “Send.” Watch it stipple!
Remove your project.


Designs Used:


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