Stamped Watermelon Tea Towel
First Cut

Stamped Watermelon Tea Towel

Stamped Watermelon Tea Towel/ Aimee Broussard for Silhouette Blog

Ever tried stamping fabric? It’s rad.  For this project, we are going to create a watermelon stamp with our trusty Silhouette. I used the Stamp Material Starter Kit and simply purchased a watermelon design from the Silhouette design store.



  • Once you open the design in Silhouette studio, you’ll ungroup the image components by right clicking then selecting ungroup.
  • Then you can delete everything but the outline of the watermelon.
  • The starter kit comes with several different sizes of acrylic blocks and for this project we are going to use the smaller, 3 inch block. Use the arrows to size your watermelon to the appropriate size to fit whichever acrylic block you decide to use.

Stamped Watermelon Tea Towel/ Aimee Broussard for Silhouette Blog

  • Now, to cut out the stamp, place the stamp material on the special cutting mat that comes in the starter kit.
  • Adjust your cutting blade to 9 and be sure to change the settings in the cut settings menu to stamp material as well.
  • Once the design is cut, carefully peel the stamp from the cutting mat.

stamped watermelon towel


Stamped Watermelon Tea Towel/ Aimee Broussard for Silhouette Blog

  • Place the new stamp on an acrylic block, apply your fabric ink and stamp away!

Stamped Watermelon Tea Towel/ Aimee Broussard for Silhouette Blog



After I stamped 5 zillion watermelon slices on my towel, I washed off my acrylic block and stamp with soap and water and set it aside. I grabbed some green paint and painted on some rind for my slice. Optional, but I think it gives it some color. No worries about being perfect with your strokes or with your stamping. I think it actually looks more handmade, and more authentic of a watermelon if it’s not perfect.



Now, at this point you could do a couple of things.  You can hand bead some seeds onto your watermelon slices like I did if you insist on being fancy, or you could simply paint them on.

Wrap your watermelon (you’re going to want to purchase a small watermelon for this to work) with your handmade towel and some coordinating ribbon. Voila. Just when you thought transporting a watermelon couldn’t be festive!




Aimee Broussard

Southern born and raised, Aimee Broussard enjoys living life in the deep South with husband Brian and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Stella, Milo and the most recent addition, Murphy. A graduate of Louisiana College, she once haphazardly traded in a career in corporate insurance to master the world of crafting, baking and apron making…proving if she could do it, anyone could. is the online diary of her journey.

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