Debossed Typewriter Art
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Debossed Typewriter Art


Friends, I am SO super excited to share my tutorial with you today. Why, you ask? I’m excited because I just got to try out my new Silhouette Curio, and let me tell you, it is SO MUCH FUN!

One of the features I was super excited about when they announced the Curio is the Emboss/Deboss functions. Who doesn’t love the luxe look of letterpress?? I knew that my first project with the Curio had to involve this awesome technique.

When working with your Curio for the first time, make sure you update your software! That way you’ll have all the Curio functions and features built right in to the Silhouette Design Studio. When you start designing, make sure your page settings and cutting mat are set to Curio.

Debossed Typewriter Art | Erica Sooter for Silhouette America

I chose a cool typewriter design from the Design Store and opened it in my software. Keep in mind that the Curio only has a 8.5 inch width size, which is smaller than the CAMEO’S 12 inches. Size your design to fit your paper – I used a vellum like paper that is actually even smaller than the 8.5 width of the Curio, so I sized down my typewriter after I took this screenshot.

Now what’s the difference between embossing and debossing, you ask? Embossing is when your finished piece has a raised bumpy design, and debossing is when you have a sunken in recessed design. With embossing, the Curio will flip your design and text so that it will be printed the right way once it goes through the machine. Debossing doesn’t flip your image.

To get your Curio ready to use, add the 2, 2, and 1 layers onto your included plastic base, and then put your desired mat type on the very top and secure it all with the snaps. Since I am debossing, I chose the embossing mat vs. the cut mat. Then simply head over to the cut menu, choose your blade type (fine embossing tool in this case), your material type (vellum) and you’re good to go! I also set it to ‘double cut’ (or double deboss) to get a deeper line.

Debossed Typewriter Art | Erica Sooter for Silhouette America


I ran my vellum through a couple times to get a really fine line. With double cut selected each time, I hit ‘start’ or ‘send to Silhouette’ 3 times. So it got 6 passovers of the embossing tool for a really crisp beautiful line. Depending on the type of material you use or how deep you want your lines to be, you can experiment with settings to get the desired results.

Debossed Typewriter Art | Erica Sooter for Silhouette America

Gorgeous, right? 🙂 I wanted my typewriter art to have a little something extra added to it so it could serve as some inspiration in my craft room, so I decided to add the word ‘Create’ on the side and have my Curio cut it out. Now, I could have moved my vellum to the cut mat, but I decided to keep it on the emboss mat because the adhesive on the cut mat was a little too strong and my vellum might have ripped. But the choice is up to you!Debossed Typewriter Art | Erica Sooter for Silhouette America


This time your cut settings will be as if you are using your CAMEO or Portrait – choose your material, and then set your blade depth accordingly. Be sure to select ‘no cut’ for your typewriter so it doesn’t get cut out!Debossed Typewriter Art | Erica Sooter for Silhouette America


My cat, Oliver, loves the Curio too! 😉 Once it has finished cutting, simply peel the vellum off the mat and glue it to some paper in the color of your choice. Then frame and set up for instant inspiration!

*Note: I decided that I liked the raised/embossed side better, so I used that as my front versus the debossing I originally intended. If your image doesn’t have text and you aren’t using double-sided paper, then you can use debossing for either embossing or debossing. Just flip and pick your favorite side. However, if you want to have text embossed, you’ll have to use the emboss/flip features in your software.*

Debossed Typewriter Art | Erica Sooter for Silhouette AmericaDebossed Typewriter Art | Erica Sooter for Silhouette America



I’m a very tactile person so I just LOVE this new feature on the Curio. I can’t wait to play around more with it and see what other awesome features it has to offer!

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  1. Love it Erica!

  2. Looks beautiful! I love the embossing/debossing options with the new Curio!

  3. For us Curio beginners, it would have been helpful if you had gone through the settings on the emboss/deboss menu such as selecting an “effect” and how you bring up the embossing tool selection if you don’t choose emboss in the material selection (otherwise I kept getting the blade selection). Otherwise it was a fun tutorial. Thanks.

  4. HI, I saw and read your article about the Curio I have just purchased one and I’m so lost with it. There isn’t much information on the curio anywhere. I’ve emailed the company and have gotten nothing back. My problem is how do you know where other line up the material on the mat. If I’m doing just a small piece of metal or wood where or how does it know where to start. It’s seems like a guessing game. I’m almost to the point of returning it. I wanted the curio cause it could do thinker items. But seems like it’s not very good for vinyl use.
    I hope you can give me some kinda of guidance on the curio.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this I look forward to hearing back

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