Shine Bright Like a Diamond Framed Art
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Shine Bright Like a Diamond Framed Art


shine bright like a diamond art


One thing I love making is home decor items with song lyrics on them. Song lyrics often have so much meaning and can make really fun phrases to put up in your home! One such phrase is ‘Shine bright like a diamond’ from Rihanna’s song “Diamonds.”


The words of this song are very empowering. Let your true self shine and be as bright as you can be. It’s a great reminder to be confident and get your sparkle on! I wanted to make some fun wall art featuring these words and decided to try it out using some Silhouette Sketch Pens.


To make this pretty wall art, I first downloaded the decorative lyric that I found in the Design Store, and because I wanted a bit more personality, I also downloaded this geometric diamond shape.


To get started, open up both designs into a new Silhouette file. Then resize and rotate both designs until you get them where you want them. I shrunk my diamond way down and then nestled it in the curve of the ‘S’!


shine bright like a diamond wall art


I wanted the quote to be sketched using one color pen and the diamond to be sketched using another. To achieve this, when you go to the cut screen, select which item you want to sketch first and then make sure it is set to ‘cut.’ Then select your item that you do not want sketched in that color and set it to ‘no cut.’ Make sure you also tell the Silhouette CAMEO that you are using sketch pens and not a blade! It will auto fill with the proper settings.


shine bright like a diamond wall art


Put your paper (in my case, cardstock) onto a cutting mat and load it into the machine. Don’t forget to switch out the blade for a sketch pen! I used a dark metallic gray for the words and a silver for the diamond. Hit ‘Send to Silhouette’ and watch as it draws the first part of your design. I was amazed by how smooth and quick it went!


Then repeat the steps you did up above to select which section you want to sketch in the new color next by selecting ‘cut’ or ‘no cut’ respectively.


shine bright like a diamond wall art


Once all the sections of your design have been sketched, hit ‘unload’ on your CAMEO and carefully peel your paper from the cutting mat. To add extra sparkle and bling, I used my sketch pens again to fill in my letters! I just love the way they shimmer!


Shine Bright Like a Diamond Wall Art


Next I cut my paper down to the size of my frame. After that, just mat it and stick it in the frame of your choice and you are good to go!


Shine Bright Like a Diamond Wall Art


I decided to put mine in my bedroom near where I keep all my jewelry. I just thought it was a fitting place for it 😉 Plus it is a great reminder when I get ready in the morning to be my very best self!


Next I cut my paper down to the size of my frame.


After trying out the sketch pens I’ve decided that I love them and can’t wait to use them on another project. They are just so versatile! I hope you’ve enjoyed my Shine Bright Like a Diamond wall art! What’s one of your favorite songs or song lyrics that really inspires you?


Erica Sooter

Hey all, I'm Erica, the blogger behind Dwell Beautiful. My husband Nate and I are new homeowners living in the beautiful PNW with our two rambunctious kitties! I'm a thrifty, crafty, and nerdy girl who loves a good project or challenge! I love to blog about updtates we do to our home, current design trends, DIY & craft tutorials and home owner advice.

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  1. This is such a fun, shimmery piece, Erica! I think it’s great how you used the sketch pens to fill in the bigger areas by hand. 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to use the metallic sketch pens!

  3. Sketch pens are a lot of fun! It looks terrific in that gold frame.

  4. SO pretty! And how fun are those pens?! Too cool!

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