Precious Moments Print & Cut Card
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Precious Moments Print & Cut Card

Precious Moments Print & Cut Wedding Card | Silhouette America


This darling Precious Moments design was the perfect addition to a congratulations card for the bride and groom on their special day!


If you haven’t used the print & cut feature of your Silhouette yet…pull up a seat, and let’s give it a try together using this design.


Supplies you’ll need to get started:

  • Precious Moments design
  • 1 piece of letter size white cardstock
  • printer
  • Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait

Step 1:  Open the Precious Moments design in Silhouette studio.


Print & Cut Tutorial from Silhouette America


Step 2: In the Design Page Settings window, select letter size from the drop down menu.


Print & Cut Tutorial from Silhouette America


Step 3:  Turn on the registration marks. Open the registration marks window and select type 1 in the drop down menu.


Print & Cut Tutorial from Silhouette America


Step 4: To save paper, adjust the registration marks using the sliders.


Print & Cut Tutorial from Silhouette America


Step 5:  Next, be sure you’ve got your cardstock or paper in your printer and select print in either the file menu, or by clicking the printer icon.


Print & Cut Tutorial from Silhouette America


Step 6: Place the printed page on your cutting mat as shown in Silhouette studio and load the mat into the Silhouette machine.


Step 7: Open the Cut Settings window > select your material type from the menu > adjust your blade according to the settings > click send to Silhouette


Print & Cut Tutorial from Silhouette America


Now you can sit back and watch the Silhouette work it’s magic as it reads the registration marks and cuts out the printed image. Once it is cut out, add a couple of 3d foam squares to the back and add it to the front of a card your friends are sure to love!


Now that you are a Print & Cut professional, try it out with a few more of the print and cut designs from the Silhouette design store. The small “P” icon makes them easy to spot!


Based in Lindon, Utah and founded in October 2009, Silhouette is a manufacturer of arts and craft products and Silhouette desktop cutting systems. Silhouette continues to innovate products and technologies aimed at allowing creative people everywhere the most options and fewest restrictions for electronic cutting, designing, and crafting.

Designs Used:


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  1. A beautiful card and a great tutorial. Thank you.

    P.S. I wish you had the Pinterest button so the tutorial could be pinned from this page.

    1. Thanks, Shirley! If you hover over the photos in the post you will see a blue pinterest button appear. This way you can choose the photo you want to pin. 🙂 Just click on one of them and you are good to go!

  2. did you have to update your firmware on the cameo 2 to use the print and cut ?

  3. I love this card, and the Precious Moments design is what I used several years ago as my cake topper at my wedding! I am still in need of a Cameo and would love to see one in real life demonstration!

  4. Very nice! I have recently bought my cameo and have tried several times to print and cut with it, but I can’t seem to get it right. It never cuts the border correctly and cuts off half by design. Is there a video tutorial I can watch to see what I’m doing wrong?

    1. Hi! Here’s a great tutorial 🙂 Hope that helps!

  5. Je vous remercie beaucoup cette carte me plait beaucoup et je l’ai réalisé grâce à votre inspiration merci merci

  6. I tried to get my machine to cut this and for what ever reason it will not. It is telling me registration fail HELP!!!!

  7. I love the Print & Cut feature – such a simple but cute card!

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