Personalized Utensils Using Vinyl
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Personalized Utensils Using Vinyl

You guys, these personalized utensils will probably go down as the easiest DIY known to mankind but it was too cute not to share with you and I feel like it’s the perfect addition for your foodie gift-giving plans.

 I think it’s safe to say that nothing is off limits when it comes to vinyl’ing and I am officially smitten with personalizing wooden utensils. Think of all the cute possibilities! Happy Birthday, YUM, Eat More Cake, and of course, these S’more Please to go with our S’more Bars in a Jar.

S'more Please Personalized Utensils / Aimee Broussard for Silhouette Blog

Supplies you’ll need to create your own:

  • disposable wooden utensils
  • Silhouette Vinyl
  • Transfer paper

Simply select your font of choice and size it to fit your utensil. You absolutely will need to use transfer material when working with such small lettering. Simply cut out your wording with your Silhouette, weed away the interior of the letters and excess then apply to your utensil. Easy peasey.


Use your scraper to firmly adhere your phrase onto your utensil.


Personalized Wooden Utensils / Aimee Broussard for Silhouette Blog


Gently remove the transfer paper.


Personalized Wooden Utensils / Aimee Broussard for Silhouette Blog

Voila! Attach it to your foodie gift in a jar for a special personal touch, and really, who couldn’t use s’more S’mores Bars? The utensils are just saying what everyone will be thinking.

Personalized Wooden Utensils / Aimee Broussard for Silhouette Blog

Aimee Broussard

Southern born and raised, Aimee Broussard enjoys living life in the deep South with husband Brian and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Stella, Milo and the most recent addition, Murphy. A graduate of Louisiana College, she once haphazardly traded in a career in corporate insurance to master the world of crafting, baking and apron making…proving if she could do it, anyone could. is the online diary of her journey.

Designs Used:

Products Used:



9-inch glossy adhesive vinyl


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  1. What font did you use for the utensils? And is that the same one you used on the coffee mug about donuts?
    this is so cute

    1. Love this idea! Where do you purchase the wooden utensils?

    2. the font is #70192

  2. Love it! I have got to get some of those wooden utensils to decorate!

  3. I love this! Where DID you get the wooden utensils? AND I’d love that little recipe, too!

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