Personalized Easter Basket
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Personalized Easter Basket


Personalized Easter Basket | Analisa Murenin for Silhouette


What’s Easter without an egg hunt?  I can’t wait to watch my little one running around collecting eggs. I wanted to make sure his basket was easy to spot during all the excitement of the hunt so I personalized it using adhesive vinyl.


Personalized Easter Basket | Analisa Murenin for Silhouette


Picking a design was the hardest part since there are so many adorable Easter designs to choose from in the Silhouette Design Store. I couldn’t resist this playful bunny and thought it would be fun to have him peeking through the grass. I used the knife tool to separate and remove the area of grass he would sit in.


Personalized Easter Basket | Analisa Murenin for Silhouette


I made a few more adjustments to the grass by lengthening the bottom of the design so I could fit text in that space. Then I edited The two bottom corners of the design so that they would be slightly lower than the middle. Creating this curve helps the bottom of the grass look even on the curved surface of the metal bucket.


Personalized Easter Basket | Analisa Murenin for Silhouette


After all the designs were cut I used transfer paper to adhere the vinyl to the bucket and I was all done.


Personalized Easter Basket | Analisa Murenin for Silhouette


Since it is one of a kind there will be no confusion with whose Easter basket this is. I like the idea of being able to use it year after year, something you can’t do with those flimsy wooden and plastic baskets. Do you have plans to decorate Easter baskets with your Silhouette?



Hi there, I’m Analisa! I love to travel and explore new places along with my husband and son. When we’re not on the go I’m happily crafting. I’ve been a crafter for as long as I can remember. When I was younger I collected every craft kit I could get my hands on. Not much has changed. I love my Silhouette because it such a versatile instrument for creating. I can stencil fabric with one project, then create stickers for my son with the next. I love experimenting with all it can do.

Designs Used:

Products Used:

New Silhouette CAMEO®


CAMEO Cutting Mat



12-inch matte adhesive vinyl

transfer paper


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  1. Where did you get the bucket? Been trying to find some like that!

  2. Where did you find that bucket? I can’t find any of the metal ones in that size any where! It looks so cute!

  3. So cute! I would have been afraid to use that font with vinyl. Thank you for showing us it could be done. I also appreciated the tip about curving the bottom of the grass.

    1. Thanks Jamie! That font was actually really easy to work with, but it probably helped that the letters were about an inch tall.

  4. Adorable! I wasn’t planning on decorating Easter baskets this year, but I think you’ve changed my mind. Vinyl on metal buckets is such a great idea!

    1. Thanks Kelly! I couldn’t resist once I saw that adorable bunny design!

  5. What a cute little Easter rabbit! Thank you for visiting me and commenting on my blog! You made my day!

  6. This is so cute! Thank you for sharing this!

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