Patriotic Ice Cream Cone Wrappers
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Patriotic Ice Cream Cone Wrappers



Patriotic Ice Cream Cone Wrappers | for Silhouette


One of my very favorite holidays is right around the corner, the 4th of July. I love getting together with family, watching fireworks and celebrating our great country. But what’s the 4th of July without am awesome BBQ?! How cute would these ice cream cone wrappers be, for said BBQ, displayed by a big ol’ bucket of vanilla? A quick and simple party decoration that can be conjured up in no time.


What you will need to recreate these ice cream cone wrappers.

  • Silhouette Design #11567 & #76815
  • Red, White or Blue Card Stock (the thinner the better or it’s hard to wrap around the sugar cone)
  • Sugar Cones
  • Glue Stick or Tape
  • Ice Cream (of course)

Patriotic Ice Cream Cone Wrappers | for Silhouette

  • Start by opening the scalloped cone design in Silhouette Studio. For the tip of the sugar cone to poke out, you will need to cut off the bottom of the cone by drawing a circle and then subtracting it. To do this, select both the cone and the circle shape, then opening the modify window, select subtract. If you haven’t played with the modify icons, DO! They are awesome!

Patriotic Ice Cream Cone Wrappers | for Silhouette

  • Next I added stars to the cone, just willy nilly.

Patriotic Ice Cream Cone Wrappers | for Silhouette

  • Cut your design and wrap it around the sugar cone securing it with the smallest dap of glue stick or tape.

Patriotic Ice Cream Cone Wrappers | for Silhouette


Brie Zacher

Hello, I'm Brie (like the cheese) and you can find me blogging over at, a place where I can catalog my favorite projects and post anything I'm passionate about. My brain usually has way too many project tabs open at once, but I absolutely love doing anything that deals with DIY crafts, parties, yummy food, paper making, decor, design, and really good photography. I currently reside in Ogden, Utah and have been married for 5 years now to a good look'n hunk, whom I gave my number to at a bakery I used to work at (written on a PB&J sandwich). I also love Dr. Pepper and chocolate (insert flavor here) cupcakes.

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    1. Hey thanks Brittany!

  1. Hi, Great project. I would love to do this. I was wondering what brand of paper you used? I’m having problems with my machine tearing the paper.

    1. Thanks Anna! I usually use the card stock that can be purchased at most any craft store. I have learned (at least for me) the thinner the card stock the better, for projects that need to be folded or wrapped around something, like this ice cream cone. But I almost always try to go thinner card stock. Also make sure that you have a sharp blade and you can always increase the blade from a 4 (standard for card stock) to a 5 or 6 to help with the tearing.

  2. Very cute idea, I love it! TFS!

  3. So much fun! I have got to make these for some kind of party this summer! I’ll find a reason to do it. 😉

  4. nice 🙂

    1. Hey thanks Amani!

  5. Definitely making these

  6. Hope they turned out cute Nancy!

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