Paid Invoice Stamp
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Paid Invoice Stamp

If you haven’t had a chance to use the Silhouette Mint, you’re really missing out! To get more organized for the new year, I’ve been working on different solutions to keep my home and family in order. While a lot of our bills are paperless, we still get several invoices and I wanted a way to keep track of when and how they are paid.  I whipped up this pretty “paid” stamp that fit the bill.

Paid Invoice Stamp for bill organization using Silhouette Minta


To create your stamp, you’ll open your mint software and select the size of stamp you’ll be creating. Next you’ll add your design. I used these cute arrows and added the word paid plus a fun border to finish it off and sent it to the mint. When it goes to the mint it shows your design in reverse and how to insert the stamp into your machine.

Paid Invoice Stamp using Silhouette Mint by Blooming Homestead



When its all finished, you remove your stamp and apply it to the block, add some ink and let the ink soak in for a few minutes.

Paid Invoice Stamp1 using Silhouette Mint



After the ink has soaked in a bit, you’ll want to use a piece of scrap paper to stamp on for the first few stamps to remove any excess ink. Once it is showing the design clear you are good to go.

Paid Invoice Stamp using Silhouette Mint


Super fun way to stay organized and on top of those bills right?

Marie Chorak

Hello! I am Marie from Blooming Homestead and I have a passion for all things crafty, this includes home decorating, organization, digital design, DIY, and cooking yummy comfort food! As a recent first time home buyer, I enjoy making our house into a home while sticking to a budget (gotta love those student loans!) This usually requires me to think outside the box and get creative. I love sharing my tutorials and projects in hopes that I can inspire others. When I am not crafting, I like to read, shop, watch movies, and visit with family & friends. Most importantly, I love spending time with my husband of 12 years and our two children who keep us on our toes.

Products Used:

Mint Ink

Mint Stamp Kit

Silhouette Mint™ Custom Stamp Maker


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  1. Oooh! I love this idea of stamping my paid bills. Any excuse to create and use a cute stamp, right? 🙂

  2. Are there links for these cut files or are they something that came with the Mint?

  3. Super cute. I can’t wait to tryout my Mint I got for Christmas!

  4. ok adjust the brightness settings. That fixes it. But tech support dident even attempt to help me.

    1. Hi Miranda,
      I was helping our support team answer your question yesterday. They had asked me to come over to look at your file in order to give you the best help we could provide. I am sorry that you feel like they didn’t attempt to help you. Adjusting the brightness helps a lot. I have also found that when I open my designs that I have created in Silhouette Studio, they print nice and crisp from the Mint Studio. Please let us know if you need any more help!

  5. What a cute design! I received my Mint for Christmas also and cannot wait to get started.

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