Ombre Stencil Art
First Cut

Ombre Stencil Art

Using  Silhouette Stencil Material with some embossing paste and ready-made canvases from the craft store, I made this set of three textured ombré hearts in just a few hours (and most of that was drying time!).


Ombre Heart Art by Annie Williams - Stencil


Start by resizing your design (I chose this beautiful butterfly heart) to the appropriate size for your canvas (mine is 8″ x 8″) and then cut it from the Silhouette Stencil Material using the settings in the Studio software.  You may need to set your machine to perform a double cut if your blade is on the older side.  Press your stencil onto your canvas firmly.  My canvases came primed with a coat of gesso already and I found the surface a bit chalky, which made adhering the stencil difficult.  If you’re having trouble adhering your stencil to a ready-made canvas, a fresh coat of your own gesso or some white acrylic paint should provide a better surface to stick it to.


Ombre Heart Art by Annie Williams - Embossing Paste


Spread embossing paste all over your stencil (the scraper tool works great for this!) and then remove the stencil.  The thickness and evenness of your coat now will determine how dimensional and textured your hearts appear later.  Never heard of or don’t have any embossing paste?  You can always substitute spackling paste from the home improvement store…results will vary depending on the type you use however.  Rinse the leftover paste from your stencil immediately so that you can reuse it later.


Ombre Heart Art by Annie Williams - Airbrush


I let my embossing paste dry for about an hour and then placed my stencil back on top of my design to add the color.  Here I am using an airbrush system to create a smooth gradient, but you can just as easily sponge paint or ink on top of the raised surface to create the same effect.  You can also color your paste before you apply it, but I was having trouble achieving smooth transitions that way, so I settled on this method instead.


Ombre Heart Art by Annie Williams - Detail


Your final canvas will look like this.  I actually tried at first to spread my paste so that it was relatively smooth, but turned out loving the look of all of the ridges and bubbles later.  If I was going to do this again, I might slap that paste on until it looked like a big old mess…because you’d still get the same beautiful butterfly pattern when you removed the stencil!


Ombre Heart Art by Annie Williams - Wide


I chose the bright greens, blues, and pinks because it reminded me of those candy conversation hearts and I thought I could get away with leaving these up all year round.  After Valentine’s Day, I might break my set up and give a few out as gifts though.  Since my stencil is reusable, I can always make more.  Have you tried the stencil material yet?



Annie Williams

Hello Silhouette fans! I'm so excited to be back on the Creative Team again this year. I am a scientist by training, but I have always been interested in art and art history as well. I enjoy sharing fun gift, home decor, and handmade card ideas over on my blog. My projects often reflect my other interests which include outdoorsy things like hiking, biking, and canoeing as well as a love of travel, small towns, and nature photography. I've been happily married for nearly 10 years to a man who is incredibly tolerant of my ever-growing craft supply stash...and we recently welcomed a new little boy into our lives as well.

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  1. So fun! I love it!

  2. This is a beautiful project Annie! What a clever application of embossing paste. And I’m loving the bright colours, it has me thinking of spring!

    1. Thanks Martha…I know, I’m having a hard time NOT decorating for spring right now!

  3. Oh my goodness, this is absolutely amazing! I love this, I love the look and the functionality of using it year round. Thank you for sharing! Curious about the air brush system you used.

    1. Thank you Marilyn! It is the airbrush system from Copic…I added the link to it on my blog if you need one.

  4. What a beautiful project! Really has me feeling inspired–I love how it could be created to match so many color schemes! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Thank you Mendi! And there are tons of great heart doily designs in the store that would make great stencils for this.

  5. Beautiful as usual, Annie! I’m loving the ombre! I’ve never played with embossing paste or an airbrush, but you have me wishing for some now.

  6. Love this project. Trying to find the Copic Airbrush System locally so I can do this project over the weekend.

  7. Eeeeek – LOVE this, absolutely beautiful – thank you 🙂

  8. Amazing, Annie! I love how these turned out. Out of all my hoards of crafting supplies, I don’t have embossing paste. I may have to change that after seeing this project. 😉

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