Stippling & Etching With Your Curio
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Stippling & Etching With Your Curio

Did you know the Curio can both stipple and etch?




Curio’s new clearance level of 5 mm means that you can use new materials like metal. With this new medium, new crafting options are available. The stippling & etching tool is meant to accommodate these new possibilities. You can etch designs for home decor, personalize pet’s tags, and so much more.




But while you might be familiar with the etching process, which involves scratching a design into a surface, the stippling process might be a bit of a mystery to you. So here are a few things you should know about stippling and how it will change the way you craft.


What is Stippling?

Stippling is a way of creating a drawing or etching through the use of dots instead of a continuous line.  Curio performs this effect with the stippling & etching  tool on thin metals or with a marker or pen on paper.


Stippling means that you can now personalize new medias, like thin sheets of metals, for a variety of projects.

Have you ever had an idea for a project but didn’t know if your Silhouette machine could handle it?

Curio can.  Just look at this custom stippled jewelry box!



Have you ever seen those home décor pieces with the embellished metal and wondered if it’s possible to make your own?

Curio’s new stippling and etching effects make it possible.

How Does Curio Stipple?

Curio uses the stippling tool and the embossing mat to create the unique stipple effect. The stipple tool has a narrow metal tip that allows the machine to create small indents in the media using a quick up and down motion.

In Silhouette Studio®, the new “Stipple” menu allows you to convert any design from the Design Store into a stippled project. By playing with settings like “spacing” or “scale factor” you can change the look of the stipple effect. You control the number of dots, the spacing of dots, and even the pattern. And this all happens within  the familiar Silhouette Studio® workspace.




With this new tool it is simple to stipple things like dog tags, home décor projects, and even ink drawings.  Your possibilities are endless!


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  1. Can’t wait to see projects done with this technique!

  2. I think this is actually one craft item my non-crafty husband would be excited about as well. I see a Curio in our future.

  3. Morning! I am new to these types of machines and currently do not have one at all. The information on the Curio states it “compliments” other machines, but I’m not sure what that means as there is no detail. I’m interested to know what the Curio does not do in order to determine if its the right machine for me. So, why would I need a complimenting machine, like the Cameo?

    1. Thank you for the comment! Curio has practically the same cutting capabilities as any of the other Silhouette cutting machines, but its focus is the unique effects like stippling and embossing. This makes Curio the perfect choice for makers who are looking for new and innovative ways to create. Our other cutting machines, the Portrait and the CAMEO, specialize in cutting. The CAMEO in particular is an excellent choice if you are doing a lot of projects with vinyl. The CAMEO’s size can accommodate a width of 12 in. and with the roll feeder accessory (sold separately) you can feed vinyl directly through the machine.

      For more information about the Silhouette cutting machines and to find out which one might be best for you, you can contact Silhouette Support at

      1. Thank you!!

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