Metal Etching
First Cut

Metal Etching

With the Silhouette Curio™, you have the ability to etch custom designs on metal. Follow these steps to see how it’s done.

Supplies Needed:

1. Open a design in Silhouette Studio®. Under the Page Setup panel, change your cutting mat to “Curio (emboss).” Open the Emboss panel and choose the pattern you want to fill your shape with. In this example, we used the concentric fill with a spacing of 0.004 inches.

2. In the Send panel, choose your media type as “Metal Sheets, Etching.” Silhouette Studio® will show you which tool to use (the stippling and etching tool) and the number of platforms you will need.

3. Place the metal sheet on the base, and load the base and platforms into the Curio. Also insert the stippling and etching tool.

4. Click Send in Silhouette Studio®, and your the Curio will begin to etch your design on your metal sheet.

5. Once the etching is complete, unload the base from the Curio to check it. If you notice any areas that aren’t etched to your liking, you can reload your material and re-etch the metal sheet.


Designs Used:


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