Layered Heat Transfer Yoga Shirt
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Layered Heat Transfer Yoga Shirt

At the start of the new year, I made a resolution to get back into yoga – it helps calm my mind and energize my body. After a month of regular practice, I thought I’d reward myself with a great yoga shirt.


I love the mix of the new black glitter and salmon heat transfer material.


To create the two layers, I started with the yoga pose design and then created an offset of the design (right click-offset). This will open a window that allows you to adjust the size of the offset.


Once complete, drag the offset design off the page (it will be cut in a different color).


Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 4.27.20 PM


Once the two colors are cut, it’s as simple as applying them to the shirt.





I started with the salmon (which was the larger, offset design).


breathe yoga heat transfer shirt Kim Woodward2


Then, I aligned the black glitter heat transfer on top of the salmon and ironed. The end result was a super cute shirt with a message to breathe.


breathe yoga heat transfer shirt Kim Woodward3


It’ll be perfect for your next yoga session.


Kim W

I’m a wife, toddler momma, blogger and notorious dabbler. I believe in letting go of perfection and prefer to enjoy the journey and embrace the mistakes. I love decorating, crafting and gardening – and I also believe that nearly anything is cause for celebration. That means I've created more heat transfer T-shirts and customized banners than I can count.

Designs Used:

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12-inch glitter heat transfer

Silhouette Portrait®

9-inch smooth heat transfer


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