Get Rid Of Vinyl Bubbles With This Simple Tip
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Get Rid Of Vinyl Bubbles With This Simple Tip

How many times have you meticulously cut and weeded a design only to have it crease and bubble when you apply it to your item of choice? I can’t even count the number of times it has happened to me. Luckily, you don’t have to trash the whole design and start over. All you need is a tiny pin or needle. The smaller the better!



You can see in the photo below, a tiny bubble formed in the heart shape when I applied the vinyl to my chalkboard. I tried forcing it out with my finger, but it proved to be one of those stubborn bubbles that just doesn’t give. That’s where the pin comes in to save the day.



Use the very tip end of the pin to poke the tiniest little hole in the center of the bubble. As long as you keep it super duper tiny, the hole will not show.



Once you have a tiny hole poked, you can use your scraper tool (or finger, which is what I prefer) to gently push the air out of the bubble and smooth the vinyl down.



This tip works really well on larger vinyl designs such as wall decals. It can be difficult to apply oversized decals without creating a bunch of little bubbles, but with this simple tip, you can ensure you’ll end up with a flawless design every time.


Another great way to avoid or get rid of bubbles is with heat. If I’m doing a coffee mug, I first fill it up with hot water from my coffee maker. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes until the mug is fairly hot to the touch. Vinyl decals go on like butter when the mug is nice and hot.


Lastly, if all else fails just wait it out. Eventually most bubbles will work their way out on their own. Happy Crafting!


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Products Used:


Premium Blade

transfer paper

12-inch glossy adhesive vinyl


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  1. I always poke the hole to the side of the bubble – and squeeze that way – easier to get all the air out

  2. Where can I find this design?

    1. This particular design is one of the exclusive designs that came with the original CAMEO. I’m afraid you can’t purchase it separately.

  3. I just got my cameo 3 out of the box and downloaded the software. The computer and cameo are not talking to each other. My friend told me uninstall it and then install again. I need a tutorial that shows me what to do. I have A D H D so I have a hard time reading directions. Can you help me

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