Geometric Adventure Pallet Art
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Geometric Adventure Pallet Art


geometric adventure pallet art


My husband and I just love to travel. Between us we’ve been to 15+ countries and plan to travel as much as time off from work and funds allow! I’m always looking for cute travel decor to add to our home as it means so much to us.  There is also an affinity in me for geometric shapes and anything gold, so I decided to combine all three and make this awesome geometric adventure pallet art.

This is a multi-step project, but it’s really pretty easy. I found this AWESOME geometric shape circle in the design store and knew it would be perfect for this piece. I opened it up in my Silhouette software and sized it to fit my pallet wood base. I cut it out onto some Stencil Material (which is my new favorite thing EVER) and popped out the pieces I didn’t want in my design. I actually left a few of the triangles in place so I would have bigger spots of wood showing underneath. You can always customize your stencils from the originals by leaving certain things in place or taking more out than is shown! The customization possibilities are truly endless 🙂


Geometric Adventure Pallet Art |Erica Sooter for Silhouette


I placed my stencil on top of my previously stained pallet wood, and then white-washed the entire thing, using a mix of about 1/3 acrylic white paint and 2/3 water. After everything was dry, I removed the stencil and traced over all the lines with a white paint pen and a gold leaf pen to highlight certain areas even more. Then it was just a quick cut of some Printable Gold Foil to spell out ‘adventure’ and there I had it! Some fantastic travel-themed art that fits in so nicely with the other pieces already in our home.


Geometric Adventure Pallet Art |Erica Sooter for Silhouette


It was really fun experimenting with my stencil and added materials of white-wash and paint pens! You can create a really unique piece of art by adding your own flair to the mix! Try different colors, phrases, and font combos for a look that is stylistically your own. My cat, Oliver, definitely approves of this adventure art!


Geometric Adventure Pallet Art |Erica Sooter for Silhouette


If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?


Erica Sooter

Hey all, I'm Erica, the blogger behind Dwell Beautiful. My husband Nate and I are new homeowners living in the beautiful PNW with our two rambunctious kitties! I'm a thrifty, crafty, and nerdy girl who loves a good project or challenge! I love to blog about updtates we do to our home, current design trends, DIY & craft tutorials and home owner advice.

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  1. If I could travel anywhere I would visit Wales in the UK and go to the Dyfi Osprey project in Montgomeryshire to see the Ospreys live. For years I have watched them on a Web Cam, but never had the luxury of seeing them live . They are magnificent birds .

    1. Ooh, so cool Barbara! I’ve never heard of the Dyfi Osprey Project, but it sounds really really cool! I’ll have to check out the webcam myself. And Wales/the UK is definitely on my short list of places I want to go, too! 🙂

  2. Such a cute project Erica! Love how you gave it your unique flair with the white wash and paint pens.

    1. Aw, thanks so much, Gilly! It was definitely fun playing around with the paint pens!

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