Debossed Watercolor
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Debossed Watercolor

Hi, Virginia here from Fynes Designs. When I first got my hands on the new Curio, I couldn’t wait to figure out some new project ideas. First up I tried wood because that is my typical go-to medium and I was so excited about the higher clearance.  But then I had to try the embossing feature, which led me right to watercoloring with the Curio!adventure-print

To get started watercoloring with the Curio you will need (in addition to the machine and embossing tip):

-watercolour paper

-watercolour paints

-bushes of choice



How to watercolor with the Silhouette Curio

  1. Choose your desired design. A good rule of thumb is any image you would use to draw with pens is a good design to emboss paint. No intersecting lines is best.
  2. Under ‘design page settings’ tab (looks like a mat with arrows) choose Curio (emboss) and which size mat you are using.
  3. Fit your image to the mat size.
  4. From the ‘Cut’ window (with your curio plugged in and turned on, so it recognizes which machine you are using). Select Material type- Coverstock Heavy 105lb+. Under the blade type menu choose Embossing tool (fine).
  5. Apply the watercolor paper to the mat, insert into the machine and click ‘send to Silhouette’.
  6. Once your design is embossed on the watercolor paper, you can begin to watercolor your image using the embossed design as guidelines.painting-how-to-silhouette-curio


Creating an image with this Watercoloring hack is just like using paint by number!watercolor-how-to

You can learn some basic watercoloring techniques by searching ‘beginner watercolor tutorials’. You’ll want to begin with filling in each space with a base color.watercolor-hack

 The watercoloring possibilities are endless using the embossing feature on your Silhouette Curio.


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Products Used:

Embossing Tool - Wide


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  1. Love this!!! I’ve been wanting to start learning to watercolor and thus would be an amazing place to start!!!

  2. This is great! Definitely going to try it. What weight of watercolor paper did you use?

  3. I love how you showed us something “outside the box” – I would not have thought to emboss on watercolor paper and then paint! (I love the Christmas camper scene!)

  4. Kelly, I used the cheap pad from Michaels, Its 90-100lb. Very inexpensive but still a great result! Thanks for reading

  5. Another reason I need a Curio! What a great idea. The paintings turned out so cute!

  6. I love this idea, it is wonderful! I have a teenage daughter who is just DYING to create things all of the time. She would love to create some watercolor designs, and you just made it a ton easier for her!

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