Fabric Ink
First Cut

Fabric Ink

Fabric Ink
Open design in Silhouette Studio®. Remember that you are using this as a template, so you might want to draw a rectangle around your design to make it easier to weed out the design and leave the negative space.
Load your stencil material into your Silhouette. Under the Send panel, select “Stencil Material” as your material type.
Send your design to your Silhouette.
Weed the design, but not the negative space like you normally would. You will have to think backwards to weed your stencil.
Place your stencil material on your project. Use a paint brush or sponge to apply fabric ink to the inside of your design.
Let it dry. If you are painting multiple colors, make sure to let one color dry first before painting another.


Designs Used:


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