Exciting New 2018 Products
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Exciting New 2018 Products

We hope you are excited as we are because we’ve got some great new Silhouette products we want to show you today! Are you ready to see everything?! Please note, these products will be available Summer/Fall 2018.

CAMEO 3 Color Series

We’ve kept everything you love about the CAMEO 3 but have made it available in several new colors. The best part is these colors are infused with shimmery glitter to give your machine a little extra oomph. Get one in Aqua, Blush*, Electric Pink, or Slate.

Machine Accessories

We’re now offering the toolkit in pink*. Isn’t it so much fun? We’re also adding an additional pink tote* for the CAMEO machine as well as a pink dust cover* for the Portrait machine.

Kraft Blade

We’re happy to announce the arrival of the Kraft Blade. It’s great for cutting more delicate materials with great precision and can even cut fabric without stabilizer or felt without starch.

Strong Hold Mat

When you’re using the Kraft Blade, you’ll also need the Strong Hold Mat. The strong hold mat is made with some extra tacky adhesive so that your material isn’t sliding around on your mat while your machine tries to cut it.

Silkscreen Starter Kit and Silkscreen Sheets

New to our starter kits this year is the Silkscreen Starter Kit, which you can use to help you make your own silkscreen designs when you want to apply fabric ink to fabric. The starter kit includes a frame, silkscreen sheets, heat transfer sheets, black fabric ink, and a squeegee to spread the ink around. We’re also offering the silkscreen sheets separately. Don’t forget about all the colors of fabric ink that are already available.

Doming Starter Kit and Supplies

To add a cool effect to your stickers, you can use the Doming Starter Kit. Just add the epoxy solution to the provided syringe and apply the solution on top of your sticker paper. When the epoxy solution is dry, you’ll see the cool doming effect. You can buy more epoxy solution and laminate sheets if you ever run out.

Vinyl, Vinyl, and More Vinyl!

We’ve got so much new vinyl coming at you this year! You’re going to be so busy with all the new projects you’ll be thinking up. Let’s take a look at all of the new varieties, shall we?

Metallic Vinyl

We’re adding two new finishes to our metallic vinyl that come in Brushed Black and Brushed Silver. They are perfect if you are looking for shiny vinyl with some extra detail.

Glitter Vinyl

When we came out with glitter heat transfer, we heard your outcries for glitter vinyl. So, of course, we had to add it to our collection! We’ve got glitter vinyl in gold, silver, white, black, red, blue, green, lavender, and pink.

Textured Translucent Vinyl

Add some pizzazz to your projects by incorporating some of this textured translucent vinyl. It’s available in these colors: black, white, light blue, green, lavender, and pink. This is the kind of product vinyl that could add just the right touch to your next project.

Strong Tack Transfer Tape

With the new glitter and textured translucent types of vinyl we’ve introduced to you, you’re going to need transfer tape that’s a little bit stronger. The Strong Tack Transfer Tape has got you (and your vinyl projects) covered.

Oracal 651 Vinyl

Big news! We’re partnering with ORAFOL, a leader in adhesive materials, known for their awesome Oracal vinyl, to give you this high-durability vinyl. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor projects and comes in all the colors shown below.

When you use the Oracal vinyl, you’re also going to need Oratape. When dealing with high-durability vinyl, you’ll need transfer tape that’s strong enough to handle it, and that’s exactly what Oratape is for.

Sampler Packs

With all the new vinyl, we decided we needed to offer some more sampler packs! We’ve got two Oracal packs, a Basics pack featuring yellow, red, lilac, azure blue, ice blue, and lime-tree green, and an Essentials pack with white, black, gold, silver, soft pink, and mint. We’ve also added a pack with some of our awesome pink shades*.

*Silhouette is proud to partner with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) in the fight against breast cancer. To help support them, we are donating a portion of the proceeds from specially marked pink products—including the pink toolkit and the Blush CAMEO 3—to NBCF from September to November.



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  1. Love all the new stuff coming!!!!

  2. I can hardly wait!

  3. Hooray!!! Everything looks beautiful and I can’t wait to get to crafting.

  4. When is all this going yo be available!??

    1. New products usually arrive in stores as early as June, into late summer. Not fast enough, I know! 🙂

  5. Can’t wait for new products to be available
    Thank you

  6. Oh my, what wonderful new products. I love all the new colors for the Cameo, but my FAV is slate. And I can’t wait to create with your new Doming Starter Kit.

  7. Will this new blade work with Silhouette Cameo machines??

    1. The new kraft blade works with ALL Silhouette machines, including all models of the CAMEO.

      1. When will the kraft blade be available for purchase?

        1. Last I heard, Silhouette did not know an exact date, but generally the new products start shipping to retailers between June and August.

  8. Is the new Silhouette kraft blade going to be available for the Silhouette Cameo or is it only for the Silhouette Cameo 3?

    1. The new kraft blade works with ALL Silhouette cutting machines, including all models of the CAMEO.

  9. I am so excited!!!! I need it all!!

  10. Exciting times ahead! I can’t wait for the Kraft blade for felt.

  11. Is the Kraft blade compatible with all models?

    1. The new kraft blade works with ALL Silhouette cutting machines, including all models of the CAMEO, Portrait, Curio, etc.

  12. You continue to inspire and to steadily reach new heights of success!!!! Cannot wait to play! Especially with the fabric blade. I don’t see much, but basic kid crafts will become much more dynamic because of these tools!

  13. Looks good

  14. I’m trying to use the sketch pens . Wanting the letters to be solid. Having trouble with this. One video showed that they turned on the ( star) I think that was it, any way one that says for curio only. But when i got my cameo out of the closet and updated it put me an update or two ahead of that video and they must of turned it off cause my does not highlight. My question why would you take it off if it is that easy to use. Don’t you want us to be able to do things easier. Can someone show me how to use the pens

    1. Nanette, it’s true that tight inner fills for designs and letters are available only to Curio users at this time. However, if you have Designer Edition or higher, you do have sketch fills to help fill in fonts when using sketch pens. Here’s a video on Sketch Effects available in Designer Edition. https://youtu.be/WBpC_IbpUE0 Thanks for the feedback, and I’ll see about adding another tutorial for using sketch pens. If you need further assistance with your software, please contact the support team at support@silhouetteamerica.com.

  15. Is the textured vinyl Oracal as well? If not what is the durability of it?

    1. Toni, the textured translucent vinyl is not a co-branded Oracal vinyl. I think it has the permanent adhesive like Silhouette’s other specialty vinyls, making it comparable in durability to Oracal 651. I’ll find out for sure and get back with you if that’s not the case. Once it shows up in the Silhouette shop, the description will include whether it’s the stronger permanent adhesive or the lighter semi-permanent adhesive.

      1. Follow up: the textured translucent vinyl does have the permanent adhesive.

  16. When will the new colors of Cameo 3 and the new pink tote be available?

    1. This fall!! 🙂

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