Easily Fill Any Cut Shape With Your Favorite Printable Pattern
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Easily Fill Any Cut Shape With Your Favorite Printable Pattern

Have you ever sat down to make the perfect project only to realize you didn’t have the right paper and you need it NOW? Or maybe you’re like me and live in a town with limited resources to the amazing variety of papers and craft supplies. Well, lucky for us Silhouette Design Store can save the day with their amazing printable pattered papers. There are so many fun and trendy styles you may never need to go paper shopping again.

Filling your favorite cut designs with patterned papers is super simple and fast. Once you’ve tried it you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it. But be careful, you might just become addicted to making custom designs for everyone you know!



Design #60413: Gift Card Holder: Cupcake by Lori Whitlock

Design #48902: Glitz paper raven black candy stripe by Glitz Design

Design #139622: Puppy Party Dots by Amy Robinson

Silhouette Studio® (any version)

Silhouette CAMEO® or the Portrait

White Cardstock

Colored Cardstock

Double sided adhesive


I’ve chosen to use an adorable Cupcake Gift Card Holder by Lori Whitlock for this sample. I love giving unique gifts. And what better way to do that than with a gift card packaged in a customized gift card holder that fits your friend’s style?

Step 1: Download and open your design

Download the gift card holder, and both printable patterns. I chose two coordinating printable patterned papers to add some color and fun to this gift card holder. Every cupcake should make someone smile when they see it, right?

Open the Cupcake design.


Step 2: Prepare the design

Some designs have more than one piece and you won’t want all pieces filled in with the same design. In most cases you will need to separate the pieces to color them individually.

To separate the different shapes select your design, right click and select “Ungroup”.


how to fill shapes with pretty paper Silhouette Studio


Step 3: Fill the shape with a printable pattern

Select the frosting layer. Open the Fill Pattern window.


How to use Fill Pattern to fill in your cut files in Silhouette Studio, avoid buying patterned paper, create your own!


Scroll through the patterns until you find the perfect fill pattern.

Select the pattern by clicking on it. The frosting will immediately be filled with your pattern.


Easily fill shapes with patterned papers with your Silhouette


Repeat the process in step 3 for each cut shape you wish to fill. In this case, I filled in the frosting and cupcake liner. You can fill in any shape with any fill pattern in your library. There are hundreds of gorgeous printable patterns to choose from in the Silhouette Design Store. When you purchase through the Silhouette Design Store your printable patterns are automatically loaded to your library. Filling your favorite shapes is so fun and easy.

You can also experiment with the advanced options to change the positions and size of your patterns.

I chose to change the scale of the polka dot pattern. I wanted the polka dots bigger, so I changed the scale to 217% it’s normal size. You can do this in the scale pattern window. Drag the slider right or left until the pattern is the size you want.  Here you see the shape with the pattern in a few different sizes.


Fill shapes with patterned papers quickly and easily with Silhouette Studio


I find it helpful to also view the patterns in different sizes with the coordinating paper to see which size looks best with both papers together.


Use Silhouette Studio to quickly fill shapes with cute patterns

Step 4: Print & cut your new custom design

Since I’ve added patterned paper to the design, I’ll need to print it before I cut. When printing before cutting be sure to use the registration marks so your cuts turn out perfectly.

Not sure how to add registration marks and print and cut? Learn all about How to Print & Cut in this amazing tutorial by our very own Aki.


Step 5 : Assemble the Card

Simply use double sided adhesive to attach your layers to your card. Insert the gift card, and your gift is ready to go!


What printable pattern is your favorite? Do you have a favorite combination of printable patterns? I’d love to see all of the fun designs you come up with.

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  1. This option was one of the main reasons I sold all my cricut stuff and bought my first cameo in Aug. 2013. I use this feature all the time and love that I can change the color with the shader effects button. Since upgrading to v3 for my cameo 3, the software seems to have issues when I click the pattern button. It says the software is not responding but then finally goes through. Takes a while. I do have quite a few patterns in there (love variety!!!). Any suggestions?

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