Easy Home Organization Tags
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Easy Home Organization Tags

Home organization is one of my heartthrobs. Though, you wouldn’t guess that based on the looks of my desk and craft room right now. Ya feel me? So while I work on getting all of the things back in order, I’ll share with you these very easy-to-make organizer tags that you, too, can make with a little love from your printer and desired machine. This design uses the Print & Cut feature, which you can read more about here.


You Will Need:

  • Silhouette CAMEO®, Silhouette Portrait®, or Silhouette Curio™ (I used the CAMEO for this project.)
  • AM Fresh Font (Design ID #54795)
  • Silhouette Chipboard
  • Printer (preferably one that prints 12 x 12)


Home Organization Print and Cut Labels by Brittany Sazonoff (BSaz Creates) for Silhouette America



  • Since I already knew where I was going to use these labels, I started by measuring the slot part and the window element of the drawer fronts (where the words would be visible) of my organizer. Then I created a quick template in Silhouette Studio® that matched the size and number of labels I wanted to create.


  • I knew I wanted the labels to be visible but not with such a heavy font that the text was overbearing. I love the little drawers of my organizer and didn’t want to lose their style. The font I chose from the Silhouette Design Store was the AM Fresh Font by Amanda McGee, and I love the thinness and simplicity. (Design ID #54795)

Home Organization Print and Cut Labels by Brittany Sazonoff (BSaz Creates) for Silhouette America



  • Once you have all your item categories listed in your design, delete those interior guide windows. Then highlight all your text and choose the “No Cut” option in the Cut Settings window. This will ensure that only the edge of the tag itself will be cut from the chipboard and not the individual letters.

Home Organization Print and Cut 10 sm



  • Another important part of Print & Cut is making sure that your registration marks are turned on in Silhouette Studio® before sending your project to print. This feature is under the Registration Marks window. Select “Type 1” and your project will print accordingly with the registration marks in place. Selecting this option helps in the magic of Print & Cut because the machine will use the registration marks to accurately cut the rectangular shape around your words.

Note: If you are printing 12 x 12, be sure to also alter your print page settings under the file menu at the top before sending your project to print.

Home Organization Print and Cut Labels by Brittany Sazonoff (BSaz Creates) for Silhouette America




  • Once your project has printed, load your printed piece onto your cutting mat and into your Silhouette CAMEO®. I manually adjusted my blade to the recommended setting of 5 for chipboard, and sent my labels to cut.

Home Organization Print and Cut Labels by Brittany Sazonoff (BSaz Creates) for Silhouette America

Home Organization Print and Cut 3sm



  • After your project is finished cutting, remove the labels from the cutting mat and slide them in to their respective spots! Now, doesn’t that feel nice? Yes, yes it does.

Home Organization Print and Cut Labels by Brittany Sazonoff (BSaz Creates) for Silhouette America

What are your favorite ways to organize?

Brittany Sazonoff

Hi friends, both old and new! My name is Brittany (of BSaz Creates) and I am so excited to be joining the Silhouette Creative Team for another year! Outside of the Creative Team, I am freelance designer and creative living out my life-long affair with crafts in Chicago, IL. I have used my Silhouette CAMEO for projects small and large. From invitations to storefront windows, Silhouette has expanded my capabilities as a one-woman design studio in so many ways. When I'm not working on a project (or even when I am) you can almost always find me eating ice cream and cuddling with my pint sized pup, Brody, who makes quite the appearance on my instagram. I can't wait to continue to share my projects with you all!

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  1. Love the labels and will be using this, but, I have to ask “Where did you find the drawer unit?” Love that also. Thanks for the post about the labelss, I’m sure I’ll be using it.

    1. Phyllis-

      Thank you! I got the drawer unit from a home goods store in Chicago, but I feel like you may come across them at places like a Hobby Lobby or Home Goods. It’s a great little piece!

  2. A 12 x 12 printer!? Gasp! I didn’t know there was such an invention! Any tips on where to get a good one?

    1. Hi Martinez!

      Yes, large format printers are the best! Mine actually prints up to 13 x 19! You should be able to find a variety of choices are home electronic stores like MicroCenter, Best Buy, Office Depot etc. Just google “large format printers” The printer I have is the Canon Pixma Pro-100. Hope that helps!

      1. I just bought an Epson WF 7620 for $199 from Amazon, it is awesome, has 3 drawers one is a direct feed for heavy materials. It is large and rather heavy, ck the dimensions first.

  3. Thank you both so much!!! Very helpful!

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