DIY Party With The Wonder Women In Your Life
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DIY Party With The Wonder Women In Your Life

Hubs and I had a fun day date that included watching the Wonder Woman movie, which was incredible because 1) we had no kids with us for nearly three hours, and 2) the message behind the movie is so different and refreshing from the typical superhero movie. Finally, right?

So, I would not be surprised if there are little girls who are making or already have made their mommies lose their marbles by changing their birthday party theme from mermaids to Wonder Woman. But fret not friends, if that’s you…here is an easy-to-make party decoration that will make YOU look like Wonder Woman!

You Will Need:

  • Silhouette Design ID #34000
  • Color Printer
  • Silhouette CAMEO® or Portrait®
  • Cutting Mat
  • 8.5in x 11in white cardstock
  • Scrapbook paper (patterned or colored)
  • Toothpicks
  • Glue
  • Permanent tape runner
  • Packing tape

Step one: Convert Design into a Print & Cut Design

Open Design ID#34000 in a blank design page in Silhouette Studio®. As you can see, this is not a Print & Cut design, but this tutorial will walk you through how to make it into one.

First, right click on the design to ungroup the individual pieces. While all the pieces are selected, select No Cut in the Action Panel of the Send Window.

Starting with the top right piece (the ring with stars within it):

  1. Right click and select Release Compound Path.
  2. Click on the two circles, right click and select Make Compound Path. It is now shaped like a ring.
  3. Go to Fill Window > Advanced Options > Enter RGB color codes (R 180, G 8, B 56). Your ring is now filled with red color.
  4. Right click and select Send to Back. The stars should appear on top now.
  5. Click on all the stars and fill them in with white.
  6. Group the ring and the stars together.

Next, select the top left piece and fill it in with yellow color (R 225, G 221, B 0).

Then, we will edit the top middle piece by first deleting the trademark TM and inner ring pieces. We do not need those two pieces for this project. With the larger circle piece remaining, fill it in with blue color (R 21, G 181, B 234).

Select all top three pieces and choose Center Selection from the Align Window.

Now onto the Wonder Women logo! We are so close guys…stay with me! We will only use the bottom right piece so go ahead and delete the bottom left piece.

  1. Right click to Release Compound Path.
  2. Click on the inner pieces and fill it in with yellow (same RGB color code above).
  3. Next, click on the outer shape of the logo and fill it in with black.
  4. Select all items in the logo and group together.

Lastly, select all items and center together using the Center Selection tool again. NOTE: I nudged the logo down a bit so that it looks more centered. When you are happy with how it looks, group all pieces together.

There you go! Pat yourself on the back…in my opinion, you just learned one of the biggest game-changing Silhouette techniques by “converting” a Regular Cut design file into your very own Print & Cut design file. Knowing this process opens the door to many possibilities with your Silhouette creations!

Step two: Create Wonder Woman Die Cut

To create a cut line around the Wonder Woman design, let’s use the Trace tool. For more information on how the Trace tool works, please read this informative post that describes the various Trace tool functions.

  1. Click on Select Trace Window and draw a box around the entire design.
  2. Under Trace Preview, select Outline.
  3. Increase Threshold to 75% and leave the rest asis.
  4. Under Trace Style, select Trace Outer Edge.

Select all items and group together.

Obviously, you can make these die cuts any size you want. For this project, I sized them to be 1.5in wide. To do this, simply manually enter the desired width of 1.5in in the Scale Window.

Step three: Set Registration Marks

Go to View in the top menu bar and choose Registration Marks. Or if you prefer hotkeys, it is CTRL+F3.

Under Style, choose your Type. Under Position, I adjusted the Inset to 0.4in. This increases the print space.

If you want to learn more about setting registration marks, please check out the first part of this tutorial.

Step four: Send to Silhouette

With your registration marks set up, it’s now time to replicate this topper design to fit as many as possible within one sheet. NOTE: Do not put your design in any cross-hatched areas.

Next, send the file to your home printer. I recommend printing on best quality and making sure your printer ink is sufficient.

Take the printed sheet and place it on the cutting mat. Then, send to Silhouette.

Step five: Assemble

To make the cupcake toppers, simply glue a toothpick to the back of the die cut and let dry.

To make the water bottle wrappers:

  1. Measure the existing water bottle label. I carefully peeled off the label and it measured about 8.25in wide x 1.5in tall.
  2. Using the patterned/colored scrapbook paper, cut strips with the same height but add about 0.75in extra in length. So, for my water bottle, I cut 9in x 1.5in strips.
  3. Use permanent tape runner to adhere a die cut to the center of a strip.
  4. Cut a piece of packing tape that is 1in longer than your paper strip. Have the sticky side face up.
  5. Carefully center your paper strip over the packing tape face down and press down to combine the two pieces into one. TIP: I like to first press down one side of the paper strip and then smooth my finger across the entire length to avoid air bubbles.

  6. Starting from one end, wrap the wrapper around the water bottle until it overlaps completely and voila!

Christine Lustig

Hello from Southern California! My name is Christine and I am beyond ecstatic to be on the Silhouette Design Team! #allthepraisehands I'm an only child who grew up with not so many toys so I was always thinking outside of the (toy) box and making gifts/toys/crafts with whatever I could find around the house. Ingrained in me is a deep desire and joy to create, which is why I love my Silhouette machines! When I'm not crafting, you can find me, my hubby (married 10 years this year!), and my two munchkins hiking, devouring fish tacos, and strapping on a GoPro for our adventures.


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