Notepad Decor
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Notepad Decor

Everyone loves an excuse to color. This notepad is fun for kids (or adults!) of any age since you can add in any design to sketch and color in.

  • After opening the notepad design in Silhouette Studio, ungroup the two shapes and move the small rectangle off to the side of your cutting mat. Flip the notepad shape horizontally.


  • Add the sketched flower design to the front of the notepad. Resize it and delete the line that goes around it.


  • Place a sketch pen in your blade holder. In the cut settings window, select only the sketched flower design to be cut. Select sketch pen as your blade type and sketch the design on chipboard.


  • Leave the chipboard on the cutting mat and do not remove the cutting mat from your Silhouette. Replace the sketch pen with your regular cutting blade. Change your cut settings so that everything but the flower will be cut. Be sure to switch your blade type from sketch pen back to ratchet blade. Cut the chipboard and then remove it from your cutting mat.


  • Move the rectangle back onto your cutting mat and place the main notepad design off to the side. Cut as many pages as you need out of the paper of your choice. I’m using cardstock so I made sure to adjust my cut settings again.


  • Use string to tie the pages to the chipboard cover. Now the cover is ready to be colored in. The chipboard is great since it takes color so well.



Now you have a pretty little notepad that is both fun and practical.





Hi there, I’m Analisa! I love to travel and explore new places along with my husband and son. When we’re not on the go I’m happily crafting. I’ve been a crafter for as long as I can remember. When I was younger I collected every craft kit I could get my hands on. Not much has changed. I love my Silhouette because it such a versatile instrument for creating. I can stencil fabric with one project, then create stickers for my son with the next. I love experimenting with all it can do.

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sketch pen starter kit


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  1. Such a pretty notebook Analisa…love the coloring on chipboard!

  2. Cute!! Love it…

  3. I really like this idea! Great use of chipboard too.

  4. Pretty! I never thought about coloring on chipboard before. Great idea!

  5. Thank you for sharing this. I love this project, your colors and just the overall look.

  6. Brilliant idea!!! I think I’ll make my own Valentine’s Day version.

  7. This will make beautiful gift for teacher or friend 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial!

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