DIY Doll Furniture with Silhouette ModelMaker™
First Cut

DIY Doll Furniture with Silhouette ModelMaker™

Are you ready to design your own 3D shapes for your personal paper crafting? You totally can with the new Silhouette ModelMaker

I’m not a big fan of reading directions, so I dove right in to explore the basic features on my own. Within minutes I made a loveseat for my daughter’s peg dolls.* If you’re a rule-follower, you can check out the official manual.

The first thing to note with the Silhouette ModelMaker is an easy-to-use toolbar for easy access to the standard 3D shapes you can create. They’re all listed in the left-hand menu.


If you know the name of the shape and the dimensions, you can use my favorite feature, the Create Shape Assistant. It’s on the very bottom of the left- hand menu.

From here, select the shape to create and click Next.

Type in the dimension for your shape and click Next. Your shape will magically appear!

Of course, you can adjust the size directly on the model in the design view. Just click on the white handles that surround the shape and pull it to your desired size.

This is what my project looks like in Silhouette ModelMaker. The output preview is on the right, and you can see what the model will look like in two dimensions! So exciting!

Silhouette ModelMakergives you the option to cut directly from the software, but I wanted to customize this project a bit further in Silhouette Studio®. Therefore, I opted to export as an SVG and finish editing there.

I used Silhouette Studio® to create a couple more cut lines, so that the back of the couch fit into the seat. Then I create some carefully calculated holes for the seat.

Then CUT!

What came out blew away my expectations. I used a little glue to put the cuboid shapes together.

My careful calculations ensured a perfect fit between the seat and the couch back.

The peg people also fit perfectly into their seats (yay for simple math!).

I could have easily printed on colored cardstock or applied a pattern from the Silhouette Design Store, but if I was painting the people, why not paint the loveseat too!

*Full disclosure on the project timeline: It took me a while to do the second grade math involved in measuring the space two peg dolls would take up on a loveseat. Designing, exporting to Silhouette Studio®, adding new cut lines, and cutting took fifteen minutes. Painting this design took fifteen minutes as well. I’m a slowpoke.


The possibilities are endless. I’m going to make a few more furniture pieces for my daughter. What will you make with your Silhouette ModelMaker?


Missy Briggs

Hi everyone! I'm Missy Briggs, an artist, lettering fanatic, blogger, wife, and mom to two amazing children. We live in sunny Miami, Florida where I've now been for nearly half my life. I started using the Silhouette Cameo four years ago... to cut out square shapes. Don't laugh! I'm left-handed and I've always been terrible at cutting. My love for the machine has grown into an obsession, and I use it with my art and calligraphy daily. I can't wait to share some of my latest projects with you!

Products Used:

Premium Blade

Double-Sided Adhesive

Silhouette Studio® Business Edition (digital)


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  1. Such a clever idea, Missy, to make your own doll furniture! I love all these ModelMaker ideas. 🙂

  2. just love your posts, however when they are sent in e mail I only get the words.. no pictures.. all my other e mails come with the pictures.. so… just a hint..the posts are not good with out the pictures.. any one else having this problem??? thanks for your post

    1. Several of the blogs I follow have emails that come with words and no pictures, but the link should always be there to go to the blog post itself. Just think of your email notification as encouragement to follow the link and visit the blog (there will always be pictures here)! 🙂

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