Paper Deer Art
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Paper Deer Art


double exposure deer art


One of my hobbies, besides crafting, is photography. A super cool technique that I really find fascinating is known as ‘double exposure’. It’s where you combine two images into one, keeping some elements of both photos and fading out others to create a cool and often ethereal composition. This ‘double exposure’ technique is what inspired this project – combining two elements I love into one cool art piece – deer and florals!


Supplies you’ll need to create this project:

  • White Silhouette vinyl
  • Silhouette printable gold foil
  • Silhouette Adhesive cardstock
  • Studio files (linked at the bottom of the post)

Step 1

I found a beautiful deer shape in the Silhouette Design Store for the base of my art piece.


double exposure deer art


I decided that I just wanted it to be a streamlined shape instead of having the flourishes on the bottom, so I took my eraser tool and quickly erased the lines I didn’t need.


double exposure deer art


Step 2:

Then, using the pencil tool, I reconnected my lines to make my deer silhouette whole again.


double exposure deer art


Step 3:

Then, to move and resize the entire design, you’ll need to group all of the lines together. To do this, click and drag your mouse over all of the lines in the design until all of them are selected, then select the ‘Object’ tab and click on the ‘Group’ option – this will essentially ‘glue’ all of your lines together!


double exposure deer art


Step 4:

Next, I found a beautiful floral design in my library that I liked, opened it and placed it over the top of my deer silhouette. Then I resized it until I was happy with the size of the flowers inside the deer outline.  When making this double exposure deer art, be sure to focus on what the flowers inside the deer head look like since those are the ones that will be visible. The other ones outside the deer outline don’t matter.


double exposure deer art


Step 5

When cutting the two separate parts of your double exposure, make sure to only select one at a time to cut by clicking on it and selecting ‘cut’ or ‘no cut’ accordingly – otherwise it’ll cut everything at once which is what you don’t want!  I cut my deer silhouette onto some beautiful aqua adhesive cardstock and my floral pattern onto white vinyl.


double exposure deer art


Step 6:

Once the white vinyl flowers were cut, I weeded out the parts I didn’t want by peeling them away with my hook tool. Then I used transfer paper to pick up the design and adhere it to a piece of gold foil paper. To make sure it was adhered really well, I used the scraper tool to smooth it down.


double exposure deer art


When I carefully peeled back the transfer paper it looked like this:


double exposure deer art


It’s okay that it doesn’t fill up the whole gold page because I’m going to be laying my deer silhouette over the top!


Step 7:

Then I removed the center of my 12 x 12 piece of aqua cardstock and was left with the cutout of my deer head. I removed the backing from the adhesive cardstock and then layed it over the top of my gold and white floral design thus creating my ‘double exposure’ effect! Et voila! All finished!




Double Exposure Deer Art | Erica Sooter for Silhouette America


Double Exposure Deer Art | Erica Sooter for Silhouette America


This is a great fun little piece of wall art that you can frame and hang on the wall or give as a gift. It can be customized with so many different colors, patterns and materials! I really like the layering effect and think it’s a fun way to utilize so many of Silhouette’s  awesome products. Happy crafting!

Erica Sooter

Hey all, I'm Erica, the blogger behind Dwell Beautiful. My husband Nate and I are new homeowners living in the beautiful PNW with our two rambunctious kitties! I'm a thrifty, crafty, and nerdy girl who loves a good project or challenge! I love to blog about updtates we do to our home, current design trends, DIY & craft tutorials and home owner advice.

Designs Used:

Products Used:



adhesive cardstock

12-inch glossy adhesive vinyl

printable gold foil


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