Cotton Canvas Gift Wrap
First Cut

Cotton Canvas Gift Wrap

Cut Cotton Canvas Gift Wrap | Brittany Sazonoff (BSaz Creates) for Silhouette America


Ah, nothing makes my heart single like a perfectly wrapped little package. If I’m being honest, I probably spend more time and energy wrapping gifts, than buying the actual item. Priorities. With wedding season upon us, among the millions of birthdays being celebrated on the daily, using your Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait makes it that much easier to take your package wrapping to the next level.


Cut Cotton Canvas Gift Wrap | Brittany Sazonoff (BSaz Creates) for Silhouette America


For this little diddy, I cut an ornate decorative border shape out of Silhouette’s Printable Cotton Canvas. I LOVE how the canvas texture looks on the kraft package wrap. I topped it off with a tag shape cut out of patterned paper and tied it around the gift with some twine.


Cut Cotton Canvas Gift Wrap | Brittany Sazonoff (BSaz Creates) for Silhouette America


Because, while gifts themselves are actually fun… nothing is sweeter than hearing, “It’s too pretty to open!”


Happy Celebrating!

Brittany Sazonoff

Hi friends, both old and new! My name is Brittany (of BSaz Creates) and I am so excited to be joining the Silhouette Creative Team for another year! Outside of the Creative Team, I am freelance designer and creative living out my life-long affair with crafts in Chicago, IL. I have used my Silhouette CAMEO for projects small and large. From invitations to storefront windows, Silhouette has expanded my capabilities as a one-woman design studio in so many ways. When I'm not working on a project (or even when I am) you can almost always find me eating ice cream and cuddling with my pint sized pup, Brody, who makes quite the appearance on my instagram. I can't wait to continue to share my projects with you all!

Designs Used:

Products Used:

CAMEO Cutting Mat

printable cotton canvas


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  1. This is so cool! I never thought to wrap gifts this way, but I LOVE it!

  2. Thanks, Kalyn!!

  3. Awesome idea & a fabulous way to wrap gifts. Plus one can use the negative leftover pieces on other projects also.

    1. They sure can. Good idea!

  4. So pretty! Love this use for the canvas.

  5. What are the design ID numbers for the designs that you used?

    1. They are listed right below my name. If you click on the shape it will bring you right to the Silhouette Online Store. If that doesn’t work, the design IDs are #45587 and #24061

      1. Awesome. Thank you!

  6. This is so cool! I have lots of that canvas and this would be a wonderful way to use it 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Tammy! I’ve been pondering other uses for my canvas now too!

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