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Personalized Stamped Ribbon


Hello! I’m Courtney Whitmore, a cookbook author (of all things sweet) and party blogger over at! I’m sooo excited to be swinging by the Silhouette blog to share all my favorite ways to use the new Mint for around the house as well as in my business!

This little machine packs a punch. Who knew you could make a custom stamp in almost seconds and be stamping everything in your house (excluding the dog, but only because he is fast) within minutes? I’ve made a monogram stamp for everyday and a business name stamp too.  Next on my list is a calligraphy style “thank you”, my address for return addressing, and then try my hand at a photo st­­amp! So cool.



So here’s how I made the gorgeous personalized ribbon. Follow the step-by-steps and stamp your own ribbon with whatever your heart desires. The personalized touch gives it that luxe look and you can make as much as you need to wrap client gifts, holiday gifts, etc. How neat?

So to get started, just hook your pretty little Mint all up (I leave mine hooked up on my desk on top of my Silhouette Curio). Then select the size stamp you’ve chosen to use. In my case, it’s the 60 x 15.ScreenShot 1


Your screen will look like the image above so just simply select and next up is adding your logo or monogram, or whatever you want! My logo was a simple .jpg which inserted fabulously. You can also visit the Silhouette Library for fun designs too. I love the seasonal ones! So I added my logo and sized it to fit the 60 x 15 space. See below.Screen Shot 2


Next up are the stamp filters and settings. So I chose a standard filter but you can get really fun and do stripes, spots, etc. For this project, I recommend standard.ScreenShot 3


Now when you get ready to send it to your machine, it will reverse the image so don’t let that scare you. It does it for you which is great and this way, your words will come out perfectly when you stamp!ScreenShot 4


Now you Send to Mint, insert it into the back, and ta-da! Simply adhere the stamp on and you’re ready to go. I chose black ink but you can pick your color of choice. Add a few ink drops, use a spare piece of paper to do some practice stamps to get rid of any clumping. You want your stamp to look nice and crisp!how-to-make-personalized-ribbon-04


On to the ribbon! It stamps beautifully on satin ribbon so that’s what I chose. Just stamp along your ribbon and you’re ready to wrap! I’m so excited to wrap up client gifts with this gorgeous ribbon.

A few other fun ideas for your custom stamps?

  • Stamp your wooden cutlery for a party.
  • Stamp your own wrapping paper.
  • Create your own stamped stationery and envelopes.

How fun?! I hope you love this little project as much as I do and you’re inspired to create some DIY personalized ribbon too!

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Products Used:

Mint Ink

Mint Stamp Kit

Silhouette Mint™ Custom Stamp Maker


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  1. This is so cool!! I can think of a m,illion and one ways that I would use the Mint!!!

  2. This is so nice…would be able to decorate ribbons for all seasons, too. Thanks!

  3. What a neat idea! When I first saw the headline, I thought you must be stamping a name on a girl’s hair ribbon. I love how you are stamping your business name on the ribbon! You could do it with sports teams, holiday sayings, etc – the possibility is endless! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love all your ideas for using the Mint, Courtney! My idea list is long, too, so I can’t wait to get mine. The stamping on the ribbon is beautiful!

  5. Your ribbon looks beautiful! I love this idea, and I think it would be so fun to do this for gifts as well 🙂

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