Conversation Heart Balloons
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Conversation Heart Balloons




I am SO excited to announce that I’m partnering up with Silhouette  to bring you fun projects every month that you can make with the Silhouette CAMEO or the Silhouette Mint, including this easy conversation heart balloon string! These machines are SERIOUS game-changers for your crafting game. I have no idea how I was surviving without them all of this time!! Ha! The Silhouette CAMEO can cut any material from paper, to fabric, to vinyl, and is what I used to write on and cut out these balloon strings. This is a great project to make before your Valentine’s Day party this week, so grab those balloons!




-Silhouette CAMEO®


-Cutting Mat

-Silhouette Pen Holder

-Silhouette Sketch Pen


-Hot Glue Gun




Step 1: Choose a heart design and open it in the Silhouette Studio®. Draw a rectangle and lay it on top of the heart. Choose both shapes and weld them together. Be sure that all of the objects that you’re cutting fit onto your paper size. Put your cardstock on the cutting mat and load into the machine.








Step 2: Start out with the pen holder and the Silhouette Sketch Pen in the machine. Go into the cut settings menu and make sure that only the pen operations are selected. Select your material type as the Silhouette Sketch Pen. Send your design to the Silhouette CAMEO®.




Step 3: When the pen has finished, switch the pen holder out with the blade. Do not unload your mat! Return to the design and select the cut lines instead of the pen. Select your material and change your blade to the recommended settings for that material. Send to the Silhouette CAMEO®.




Step 4: Unload your mat from the machine and hot glue the hearts together to form a chain. Attach the chain of hearts to a balloon string with hot glue and decorate for a fun Valentine’s Day party!





Thanks for sharing your cuteness with us Sam! Head over to Sam’s blog and be inspired by all of the fun things she’s creating!


Based in Lindon, Utah and founded in October 2009, Silhouette is a manufacturer of arts and craft products and Silhouette desktop cutting systems. Silhouette continues to innovate products and technologies aimed at allowing creative people everywhere the most options and fewest restrictions for electronic cutting, designing, and crafting.

Products Used:

New Silhouette CAMEO®


CAMEO Cutting Mat

sketch pen starter kit

Pen Holder


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  1. What a great idea! Can you put vinyl on the balloons once they’re blown up?

    I can’t wait to see your monthly projects as we sure can use the inspiration!

    1. Yes! We love adding vinyl to inflated balloons!!!

  2. How did you get the text in there? Did you cut and paste it from a document or did you manually type each word in each balloon?

    1. Hi Vicki,

      You can type each word and then copy and paste them into all of the different hearts. It is super quick and easy to align the words in the heart by using the align tool. Hope this helps!

  3. This one is really superb buddy.

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