Precision Cutting With The Silhouette CAMEO®
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Precision Cutting With The Silhouette CAMEO®

I created three Autumn-inspired signs that highlight precision cutting with the Silhouette CAMEO® and it’s ability to handle the little details! Below, I’ll highlight how you can make your own signs and give you tips that will help when handling those intricate cuts!


What you’ll need:

Designs I used:

Fall Pumpkin:

Design ID #151016Design ID #32209

Pumpkin Patch Sign:

Design ID #98056Design ID #151334

Leaves Changing Sign:

Design ID #34565Design ID #21632Design ID #34090


Tip One: Precision cutting made easy with a little organization and extra blade power

When I’m doing multiple projects at once I’m all about time-saving! Starting with getting each project lined up in it’s own tab in Silhouette Studio®. This enables me to run them through the CAMEO one after another. This streamlines cutting and allows me to weed one project while the CAMEO cuts another, which is helpful when working with intricate designs that require a lot of weeding. You’ll see in the photo below I have all three of my projects in individual tabs, ready to cut.

Tip: To save time, when completing multiple projects at once, use tabs in Silhouette Studio®.

I’ve found the CAMEO cuts as intricately as I want it to, regardless of the medium. That’s never a problem. A tip I personally would pass on, when cutting intricate designs, increase the blade setting by one. I find this helps cleanly cut the tiniest details.

Tip: Increase your blade setting by one. (Ex. If Vinyl is recommended at a blade setting of “1” go up to a “2”.)



Tip Two: Weed intricate details with a steady hand

I’m going to let you in on a craft cheater secret of mine… Every once in a while there’s a design that allows me to weed-cheat. What is weed-cheating, you ask? Let me show you.

On the Fall Pumpkin sign, I simply pulled up a leaf at a time, scraped off the negative portion, and laid my design back on it’s paper. Even with an intricate design like this Maple Leaf Doily, the cut was so clean it was simple to pull the design up leaf-by-leaf. Word to the wise: go light on the coffee because the jitters don’t jive – a steady hand is necessary!

Tip: Use caution with the weed-cheat technique, it only works on select designs. I was able to do a leaf at a time without crumpling my design.



Tip Three: Weed intricate details with Silhouette Hook

What about weeding the majority of the time, when the weed-cheat doesn’t work? That is when the Silhouette Hook is a sanity-saver. Let me tell you, I’m selective about how I spend my crafting dollars, if I’m spending money it’s on new vinyl, rarely do I invest in convenience-type crafting aids. I crafted with the CAMEO for over a year without a hook and I can’t tell you how much product I wasted as a result. I would cut a design out of vinyl or double-sided adhesive and inevitably while trying to weed by hand my project would stick together and become a jumbled mess. The hook saves me time and ensures I don’t ruin an entire project just because I don’t have the right tool for the job.

Tip: Trust me. As a crafter, the Silhouette Hook is the best $6.99 you’ll spend.

Hook Weeding


Tip Four: Embellish intricate details to make them stand out

I duplicated and welded this flourish together to create an intricate corner flourish for the Leaves Changing Sign.

  • Learn how to duplicate shapes, here.
  • Search: Weld on the blog for projects utilizing this function.

After cutting this design on Silhouette Chipboard I felt the leaves needed a pop, so I used Silhouette Fabric Ink in Gold to paint each leaf. It looked so great I also painted the bottom of two of the pennants for the fall banner on this sign.


Tip: Just because it’s called fabric ink, don’t let that limit your creativity with the product! Let your imagination run wild.

It looks perfect on Silhouette Chipboard!

Intricate Detail Close Up

Don’t you just die over the intricate detail?! Or is it just me?


Tip Five: Transfer Paper is a must with intricate cuts

Transfer Paper is my best friend. I mean, does your best friend keep you in line, guide you to perfection and peel off without leaving any residue? (Ok, the last one doesn’t really work but you get the idea…) Transfer Paper and intricate cuts go together like, well, best friends. Cutting intricate details is no problem for the CAMEO. The tricky part comes in once your cut is complete. Take your time weeding and always use Transfer Paper so you don’t rip your project in the bottom of the ninth.

Tip: Always use Transfer Paper with intricately detailed projects.


What intricate projects will you craft with the CAMEO this fall?



Nicole Lensen

Hi, I'm Nicole, from noVi Venture! I live in Southern California with my husband and two little boys! I'm always looking for ways to organize and simplify life. I love beautiful planning, organization and crafty home decor. When I bought my CAMEO in 2014 I never looked back. It's my favorite & most versatile crafting companion. My CAMEO helps me to be truly creative, I feel confined only by my imagination!

Designs Used:


maple leaf doily

pumpkin flourishes

welcome to our pumpkin patch

leaf pennant

autumn leaf flourish

the leaves are changing

Products Used:

New Silhouette CAMEO®


transfer paper


premium black 9"x10'

Fabric Ink - Gold

premium gold 9"x10'


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