Sketched Sentiment Art
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Sketched Sentiment Art

Today I’m sharing another quick decor project that can be used for Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year that you’d like to tell someone how you feel about them.  This chalkboard-inspired sketched art can be left plain, colored with a variety of media, or even shrunken down to be used as a card.  And since the sketch pens do most of the work for you, you can just design your page quickly in the Studio software and let your Silhouette draw everything out perfectly for you.


Sketched Valentine's Day Art by Annie Williams - Mushroom Text


This page was particularly easy to design after I found this gorgeous mushroom sketch design in the store.  After drawing a black rectangle the perfect size for my frame, I simply resized the mushroom design to fit in the lower left corner.  Then I added a custom sentiment by opening the Text Style Menu (arrow 1), choosing a cute font (arrow 2), and adjusting the justification to Right (arrow 3).


Sketched Valentine's Day Art by Annie Williams - Mushroom B&W


I sent the complete design to my CAMEO to sketch on black cardstock using the silver sketch pen because I was looking for a slightly more subtle look than I could achieve using the white pen.  When it was finished, the page looked like this…I liked the look, but thought a little chalky color could really make it special.


Sketched Valentine's Day Art by Annie Williams - Mushroom Detail


Using pastels and a light touch, I added just a hint of color to my mushroom scene and left my sentiment plain.  If you don’t have pastels, colored chalk or waxy colored pencils would work well on the black background also.


Sketched Valentine's Day Art by Annie Williams - Tree Sketch


I decided to make a second sketched piece that was a little more kid-friendly for my niece.  This time I converted a regular cut design into my own sketch design.  After placing this sweet tree trunk design on my page (arrow 1), I opened the Sketch Menu (arrow 2), and clicked on Pencil under the Basic Options (arrow 3) to add just a tiny bit of sketchiness.  I quickly drew my own squiggly grass line using the Smooth Freehand Tool and added a little Pencil sketching to that as well.


Sketched Valentine's Day Art by Annie Williams - Sing Text


Next, I added another custom sentiment by opening the Text Style Menu (arrow 1), choosing a cute font to match my image (arrow 2), and adjusting the text justification to center (arrow 3).


Sketched Valentine's Day Art by Annie Williams - Sing Text Sketch


To make the sentiment a bit more playful, I clicked on my text (arrow 1), opened the Sketch Menu (arrow 2), and selected Continuous sketching (arrow 3).  This made the sentiment a bit too blurry to read, so I went into the Advanced Options and decreased the width of sketched edge (arrow 4) for a good balance of sketchy and readability.


Sketched Valentine's Day Art by Annie Williams - Sing Detail


This time I used the metallic charcoal sketch pen because I knew I had increased the sketchiness substantially this time and would need an even more subtle color.  My final design still turned out very bold and shiny…perfect for a 4 year old I think!


Sketched Valentine's Day Art by Annie Williams - Sing


I did try coloring this piece as well…this time using metallic colored pencils.  After I was finished, though, I made a second one, because I kinda preferred the monochromatic look.  Of course, now I get to keep one and send the other as a gift.  Have you played with the sketch pens yet?


Annie Williams

Hello Silhouette fans! I'm so excited to be back on the Creative Team again this year. I am a scientist by training, but I have always been interested in art and art history as well. I enjoy sharing fun gift, home decor, and handmade card ideas over on my blog. My projects often reflect my other interests which include outdoorsy things like hiking, biking, and canoeing as well as a love of travel, small towns, and nature photography. I've been happily married for nearly 10 years to a man who is incredibly tolerant of my ever-growing craft supply stash...and we recently welcomed a new little boy into our lives as well.

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  1. I ah e been trying to contact Silhouette for the past two days. My 1 month old machine broke and I use it to run a business. I’ve emailed 3 times and have called numerous times. The automatic service either says that all operators are busy and to call back later, or it’s just a busy signal. I need help NOW!!!

  2. What cool projects. Thanks for all the tips on using the sketch feature.

    1. You’re welcome Sandra!

  3. These are all beautiful, Annie! The added colors really make them pop, and look like a lot of artistic effort went into them. I already have that mushroom sketch file; now I’ll have to play with it! I’ll have to go dig up my chalk pastels…

  4. If I follow this tutorial, I might be able to trick people into thinking that I have artistic ability! Great project Annie!

    1. Thank you Martha! And if you used the pen holder with a charcoal pencil or something, people might really be fooled. 🙂

  5. Thank you for that design. My husband and I will be celebrating our 25th on Valentine’s Day so that will be a perfect design for a picture to add to.

    1. I’m so glad you liked it Sally. And Happy 25th Anniversary…what an amazing milestone!

  6. How cool! I’m always a fan of chalkboard style art. You colored them in so beautifully…really adds that extra something to them.

  7. Beautiful Annie!

    My silhouette won’t pick up the lines for the mushroom to sketch. What am I doing wrong?

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