Thanksgiving Place Card Station
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Thanksgiving Place Card Station

Nothing scares me more than a Thanksgiving gathering where everyone is watching television in silence or playing on their phones, so I’m always looking for ways to encourage my guests to “participate” a little more in the holiday festivities.  This year, as soon as guests enter my home, they’ll be greeted by this Thanksgiving Place Card Station to get the ball rolling a bit.  Less creative guests can simply write their name and pick a seat at the table, but the people I invite to my meals would generally be inclined to have a little more fun with this.


Thanksgiving Place Card Holder by Annie Williams - Fill Designs


The place cards I chose were originally intended to be a cut shape, but I wanted a way to speed up production so I converted them to Print & Cut designs.  To do this, I simply added a bit of color to the turkey and flourishes using the Fill Color Tool and added the “I’m Thankful For…” title to the top corner (in the same color).


Thanksgiving Place Card Holder by Annie Williams - Fill Page


The software makes it super easy to duplicate your place card design many times within the boundaries of your printable page.  After turning on your registration marks (4th icon from the right in your toolbar), you can then open the Replicate Window (indicated by arrow 1), select your place card design, and click Fill Page (arrow 2).  I printed my designs on warm grey Adhesive Cardstock cut down to 8.5″ x 11″ to make textured “stickers” that matched the colors in my place card holder.


Thanksgiving Place Card Holder by Annie Williams - Place Cards


The folded base of the place card is cut from shimmery woodgrain cardstock.  After filling out their name or what they’re thankful for, guests can then just peel off the backing from the cardstock and adhere it to the base.  Why not just adhere the sticker to the base for them?  I have found that some guests will want to change their answer once they realize that someone else has written something funnier than them on their own place card…


Thanksgiving Place Card Holder by Annie Williams - Detail


The holder itself is actually meant for post-it notes…but this place card design fits perfectly!  (I did shrink the printed sticker size just a tad to save on materials since I had to make so many.)  Directions for assembly can be found here on the designers blog.  I added the “Welcome” title in matching warm grey adhesive cardstock, a bit of burlap ribbon, and a wood veneer leaf to embellish.


What are you thankful for this holiday season?  😉


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  1. Love the idea, thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Marilyn!

  2. That is beautiful, Annie! And such a great idea for getting guests into the holiday spirit.

  3. I love your choice of paper, it’s very pretty. I’m curious to know if anyone got creative with the activity. I bet it was a hit!

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