Trick or Treat Sign
First Cut

Trick or Treat Sign

Sometimes my favorite projects are the simple, no mess kind. This trick or treat sign falls into that category.


trick or treat arrow


I started with a wooden arrow shape that I picked up at the craft store, then…

  • I cut strips of black vinyl and adhered them to the wood
  • Then I flipped it over and trimmed off the excess with an exacto knife.
  • Next, in Silhouette studio I opened this trick or treat design, ungrouped it and resized/rearranged the words so they would fit horizontally on the arrow

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 12.25.58 PM


Then, to add the cute faux stitching details…

  • I opened the offset window and with all of the words selected, I clicked internal offset.


  • Then, while the internal offset was selected I opened the line style window and selected the small dashed line style.


  • Next, I placed a piece of orange adhesive cardstock on my mat and loaded the mat into the CAMEO.
  • Then, I replaced the blade in the CAMEO with a black sketch pen.
  • Back in Silhouette studio, because I only want to sketch the dashed lines at this point and not cut out the letters,  I opened the cut settings window and selected the outline of each word and ‘no cut’ from the menu.
  • Then I selected sketch pens from the menu and clicked send to Silhouette.

Aren’t the tiny ‘stitches’ adorable?


trick or treat arrow close

  • Once the sketching was finished, I did NOT unload my mat [that step is uber important], but did replace the sketch pen with the blade.
  • Then in Silhouette studio I selected the stitched lines and ‘no cut’ from the cut settings menu and then selected the outline of the letters and ‘cut edge’ from the menu.
  • I selected the cardstock setting and clicked send to Silhouette.
  • I also cut the words out of a regular piece of cardstock to use the negative space as a template for placing the letters on the arrow.
  • Then all that was left to do was peel and stick the adhesive cardstock letters and it was done!

Super easy, right? Are you using your Silhouette for holiday decor?


trick or treat arrow angle



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  1. Love this, Jeana!! I keep finding more and more Halloween decor I want to make!

    1. Thanks, Kelly! Me too, and I think I might just start making things and giving them away so I don’t have to store them. 🙂

  2. This is sooooo cute it’s spooky. Happy Halloween Jeana!

    1. Thanks, Robyn!

  3. Beautiful job Jeana…I do love the stitching detail!

    1. Thanks, Annie!

  4. Easy, fun, & VERY cute! Thank you!

  5. You always have so many cute and clever ideas! How do you do it?

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