Tissue Paper Stained Glass Windows
First Cut

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Windows

With Fall right around the corner, I figured that I would share a fun and easy kid’s craft to mark the change in seasons.  These tissue paper stained glass windows will appeal to kids young and old. My 2.5 year old son made the pumpkin closest to the top and my 5 year old daughter made the rest. The results look great no matter the age of the child!


To make this craft, you will need:


This craft is straightforward to cut with your Silhouette. Here are a few pointers:

  • Browse the Silhouette Online Store and select shapes that have a solid outline and are hollowed out.
  • Cut the shapes as-is onto black adhesive cardstock.
  • To cut the contact paper, select Cut Edge in the cut window. If the shape continues to show the inner parts with cut lines, select the shape and then in the object tab, select Release Compound Path. Now only the outline of the shape should show cut lines.
  • When cutting tissue paper with your Silhouette, be sure to use the CAMEO Light Hold Cutting Mat.


Here is a picture of the parts that I cut with the Silhouette.


Tissue Paper Stained Glass



Now it is time to involve your child!


  • Have the child place tissue paper all over the sticky side of the contact paper.
  • Using scissors, trim off the excess tissue paper.


Tissue Paper Stained Glass


  • Adhere the black adhesive cardstock on top of the contact paper.


Tissue Paper Stained Glass


That’s it! A really simple and pretty craft to make with your child or students!


Here are some more closeup shots of the tissue paper stained glass windows:


Tissue Paper Stained Glass



Tissue Paper Stained Glass



Tissue Paper Stained Glass



Tissue Paper Stained Glass



Have fun creating your own tissue paper stained glass windows!



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Hi, my name is Martha Clyde. I am a stay-at-home Mom of a 4 year old daughter and a 2 year old son. My children bring so much delight to my life and I thoroughly enjoy every minute (well almost every minute!) raising them. On a part time basis, I am employed as a Sergeant in the Canadian Forces Reserves. With 14 years of service, I am very proud to serve my country as a military musician. From a young age, I have fond memories of learning to sew, craft, and cross-stitch in 4-H and perfecting these skills with my talented and crafty Mother. Later in life, I found myself refinishing furniture, planning parties and events, sewing for my children and making crafts with my kids. I always have a project on the go, just ask my husband! This is where the Silhouette Cameo became the perfect fit for so many of my projects.

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  1. These are fantastic! Definitely adding it to my to-do list with the kids.

  2. Very pretty…your kids did a great job too!

  3. fun, easy, and pretty!

  4. HOLY COW!! This is genius. I might do this for jack-o-lantern pattern.

  5. What an awesome project! Thank you for sharing! I have a niece who is a school teacher, what a great project for the classroom! How did you stick them to the windows?

  6. If the shape has exposed contact paper (like the pumpkin my son made) the windows are self adhesive, otherwise I just taped them up by looping a piece of tape.

  7. You always come up with amazing ideas Martha! These are beautiful! I will definitely be making these with my son. I know he’d love seeing his work up on the windows too.

  8. I'm confused.  Is the adhesive cardstock the black or the cream colored paper?  Do you trim the cardstock with scissors? Seems like you left a step out from your photos and instructions.  Please clarify.  Thanks.


  9. Looking back at your pictures I think I figured it out now!  Duh!  : )

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