Halloween Banner
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Halloween Banner

I love banners and I love making them even more!  I’m not always great at decorating for every holiday, but with one simple banner in my entry way I feel like it can make my whole house feel festive for any given holiday.  When I found these Halloween key designs I just knew that they needed to be my next banner project!  How cute are they?

Halloween Banner|Amy Cox for Silhouette

Supplies Needed:

I loved the designs so much that I wanted to keep things simple and really show the design, but just cardstock seemed a little too simple for some reason.  So I decided to join together two Silhouette products to make the banner more fun.   I used the adhesive cardstock for my first product and then the glitter and technique from the double-sided adhesive kit for my second product.

  • Cut the designs in a variety of sizes and colors out of the adhesive cardstock.
  • Apply the glitter liberally to the adhesive side of the designs.

Halloween Banner |Amy Cox for Silhouette

  • Use the brush from the starter kit to make sure the glitter is applied evenly.

Halloween Banner |Amy Cox for Silhouette

  • Shake off excess glitter.
  • Line up the keys to get the layout you want.

Halloween Banner|Amy Cox for Silhouette

  • Attach keys to a yarn using sewing thread.
  • Hang the banner and enjoy it throughout the holiday season!

Halloween Banner|Amy Cox for Silhouette

It’s as easy as that!  I love having the contrast of the glitter and the cardstock as the keys spin around when they are hung.


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I have been married to my fabulous husband for 4 1/2 years and last June we were blessed to adopt our beautiful daughter, who is now 9 months old. I have always loved creating things, which led me to get my degree in Fashion Design. I love to make anything that can be worn or used to decorate my house. I also have a love of organization.

Products Used:


Glitter - Bold

Double-Sided Adhesive Starter Kit


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  1. I love your banner and how you added some glitter to parts of it!

  2. i love your banner <3

  3. Glitter really does make everything better! So fun, Amy!

  4. I never thought of making the keys big like that and making a banner. How cleverly ghoulish of you!
    ps your nails are really cute too.

  5. Very cute idea Amy!

  6. is there a link for the key shapes? or did you make them yourself?
    Love this banner and would like to recreate it for my home

  7. Very, very cute!

  8. Very cute, Amy! I love glitter, and those keys are excellent for a Halloween banner.

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