Autumn Leaves Wreath
First Cut

Autumn Leaves Wreath

Nothing says autumn like brightly colored leaves to me…and as a former northeasterner, I can honestly say that there are few things I miss more than sugar maples in October.  For this project, you’ll only need a few simple items and a little patience.

Supplies Needed:

  • Silhouette CAMEO® or Silhouette Portrait®
  • Silhouette Cameo Cutting Mat
  • Silhouette Cutting Blade
  • Silhouette Studio®
  • Wreath form – I used grapevine because I didn’t want to have to worry about covering the whole thing completely, but plastic, metal or foam forms would work too.
  • Cardstock 65lb. in fall colors
  • Sketch pens – I chose metallic golds, bronzes, and shimmery brown for mine.
  • Hot glue
  • Optional – Battery operated LED light set, inks for edges of leaves, and burlap ribbon.
  • Design ID #65897
  • Design ID #66424
  • Design ID #13190

Autumn Leaves Wreath by Annie Williams - Release Compound Path


  • I started out by placing all six of my leaf designs on my workspace.  Since I was using an 18in. wreath form, the leaves were already sized nicely as is at about 3-4in. long.
  • I wanted to sketch the vein details using my Sketch Pens and then cut the outer shapes from my cardstock.  To do this easily, I would need to change the color of one of those sets of lines.  I chose to change my vein lines to yellow because I was trying to visualize the final product, but it’s much easier just to change the color of the shape outline.
  • To do so for these designs, you’ll need to select each shape and click on “Release Compound Path” in the Object Menu.  Then, click on only the set of lines you want to change, and select your new color in the Line Color Menu.


Autumn Leaves Wreath by Annie Williams - Cut by Line Color


  • Now you’re all set to just sketch and cut your leaves on each different color of cardstock.  Using the “Cut by Line Color” function in the Cut Settings Window, you can set the interior color to coordinate with your sketch pens, and the outlines to coordinate with your blade.


Autumn Leaves Wreath by Annie Williams - Leaf Detail


  • After my leaves were cut, I inked and curled all of the edges.  I think this little bit of extra effort always helps to create more realistic leaves and flowers.  Here I applied Distress Inks in red, orange or brown using an ink applicator tool and curled the points just using my thumb and forefinger.
  • Finally, just start gluing away!  I tried to make sure my colors and shapes were well-mixed, but otherwise I just picked a place to start and kept going.


Autumn Leaves Wreath by Annie Williams - Full



For a few finishing touches, I added a burlap bow and tiny orange LED lights underneath my leaves to create a little backlighting that matches my Halloween decor set to go up in a few weeks.  For a different look, you could make the vein details out of double-sided adhesive and some gold glitter instead.  Have you started decorating for fall yet?


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Annie Williams

Hello Silhouette fans! I'm so excited to be back on the Creative Team again this year. I am a scientist by training, but I have always been interested in art and art history as well. I enjoy sharing fun gift, home decor, and handmade card ideas over on my blog. My projects often reflect my other interests which include outdoorsy things like hiking, biking, and canoeing as well as a love of travel, small towns, and nature photography. I've been happily married for nearly 10 years to a man who is incredibly tolerant of my ever-growing craft supply stash...and we recently welcomed a new little boy into our lives as well.

Products Used:

sketch pen starter kit

metallic sketch pen pack


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  1. Gorgeous, Annie! I just ordered those metallic pens and can’t wait to try them. 🙂

    1. Thanks Dawn!

  2. Beautiful! The sketch pens add a nice touch.

    1. Thank you Martha!

  3. That turned out beautiful !

  4. This is so beautiful. Do you really leave outside?

    1. Thanks Sue! It is still on my door, but I do have a small overhang above my entryway that protects it from the elements. A heavy rain would ruin it for sure if that wasn’t there, so thank you for reminding me to point that out!

  5. Love this! Can’t wait to try this…just waiting for my pen holder order from SIL.

    1. Thank you Anne! You’re going to have so much fun with your new pen holder!

  6. I love fall, love the colors and I love your wreath! I am going to have to create something! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Marilyn…fall is such a fun time for projects like this!

  7. Love this! Is this a leaf design we can purchase in the Silhouette store? If so, can you please tell me which item number it is? Thanks so much 🙂

    1. Yes! So sorry Sandy, it looks like the “Shapes Used” got cut off somehow from my post! Both designs are named “Autumn Leaves” and are #65897 and #66424 in the online store.

  8. This is so lovely! I would love to see a photo taken in the late evening with the lights illuminating the leaves from behind 🙂

    1. Thank you Karen! I know…I was running a little short on time so didn’t have a chance to get the shot at dusk, but I hope to get a chance to post it to our pinterest board soon.

  9. These are awesome! They would need to be inside where I live 😉

  10. This is beautiful! I am still in the learning phase of the Silhouette but I do have all the sketch pens so I think I will make this project and hang it inside my front door so that it lasts and I can see it all of the time 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to share this project! It gives me ideas to play with since I am still a newbie to this cutter.

    1. Thank you Darlene…one of my favorite parts of being on this design team is helping out newbies! I’m so glad it inspired you!

  11. Soooo gorgeous, Annie! I really love the gold veining with the sketch pens.

  12. How did you ink the leaves?  I have had my Cameo for a while now, but haven't done anything other than a basic cut.  I'm excited to give this a try!

  13. Hi Lindsay!  You can either take a mini ink pad straight to the edges of the leaves like I did with the flowers in the Mother's Day Shadowbox project from earlier this year, or you can use something like a makeup sponge to tap on an inkpad and just flick/rub the ink onto the edges of the paper leaves that way.  Hope that makes sense!

  14. Wow! This is stunning – it really looks almost real. I've never done the inking before, but you are so right that it makes is more realistic. And the metallics are perfect.

    That is a lot of patience for this wreath, but it's quite a wow! 

    1. Thank you so much Kim!  It did take some patience…but it's still hanging up so I got my money's worth I think.  🙂

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