Lunch Box Notes
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Lunch Box Notes

It’s back to school soon for us, and this year I’m prepared ahead of time with ready-made notes to toss into my kids’ lunches and brighten their days.

I wanted some little notes with envelopes (everything’s more exciting when it’s in cute packaging, right?) so I found these mini envelopes that were the perfect size. They are business-card size, and the file includes business-card size notes to fit. I was easily able to color and turn shapes from this school supply set into print & cut notes.

Tips: Use your eye dropper tool in the Fill Color Window with a screen shot of the cutting-file image to get custom colors. Also remember to change all the cut lines of the pictures you’ve colored to “no cut” in the standard Cut Settings Window, or choose “cut edge” once you place the pictures into the rectangular note shape.

Print & cut school lunch notes

Now they’re ready for quick little messages. If you don’t send lunches with your kids, these would be fun to tuck into backpacks or planners to be found at some point in the day.

School Lunch Notes for Kids


School Lunch Note Envelopes

An added bonus of making these notes in business-card size is I was able to also make a convenient little box for all the notes and their envelopes to have at the ready.

School Lunch Notes and Envelopes with Holder

For a little fancier note (to have ready not just for kids), I used the floral portion that comes in the cutting file with envelopes. I cut multiples from various colors of adhesive cardstock (these are mint, yellow and pink) and then cut the envelopes in vellum. Aren’t these pretty?

Business card decorations_adhesive cardstock flowers

Business card decorations with vellum envelopes

Whether you need back-to-school notes or other little notes to have ready, I hope you take the time to make a collection of cards like this.

School Lunch Notes by Kelly Wayment


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  1. Very cute. When my daughter starts reading, these will be a must for her lunches. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Great idea Kelly…love the vellum envelopes and the floral mini-notes too!

    1. Thanks, Annie! I love those, too. 🙂

  3. Ooh, I am stoked Kelly! My guy will be in 7th grade but he still likes to get “thinking of you” messages that we’ve written on his lunch napkins. I like the school pics you chose – darling. With your basic idea, I’m going to be adding some graphics I know he likes in the Silhouette Store. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. You’re welcome, Robyn, and I’m glad you like them!

  4. This is the sweetest idea Kelly! I’m sure these will put a huge grin on their face each day. I love the extra special touch of the beautiful envelopes and washi tape.

  5. Those turned out really cute! I am just starting to play around with making boxes, but I’m trying to figure out what kind of paper (chipboard/card stock?) and adhesive work well for a strong box and good hold with adhesive. Any tips from experienced box makers would be awesome!

    1. That’s a good question, Lynette. I’m usually happy with just pattern paper (the double-sided kinds are usually fairly thick), but you can use heavy card stocks and chipboard if you want it to be more sturdy. I’ve used them all for different boxes at different times. If the object will get a lot of use or hold things that are on the heavy side, you may want to go with chipboard. This box is just pattern paper.

      As far as adhesive for boxes, I like a combination of instant hold adhesive like Scor-tape or strong adhesive runners, along with a dot of liquid glue that will have lasting hold like Scotch liquid glue or Zip Dry (I use both on the same glue surface, just next to each other).

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