Heat Transfer Name Labels
First Cut

Heat Transfer Name Labels

This school year, try labelling your child’s school supplies with Heat Transfer Material (HTM) for a professional and eye catching look! It’s Martha here and today I will show you how I used HTM to identify my child’s school supplies. HTM is permanent, making this a practical way to label students’ belongings. In the photo above, you can see how HTM was used on a backpack, a pencil case, shoes and gym clothes. You could also label a lunch bag, uniform, or hanger bag.


I used the butterfly from Butterfly Garden Confetti and SW Swirl Dance font to create my labels. To vary it up, I positioned the butterfly and my daughter’s name in a variety of different ways, but always used with the same shape and font for consistency.


Shoe Labels

  • In Silhouette Studio use the knife tool to cut the butterfly in half.
  • Once the shapes are cut with your Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait, iron the halved butterfly to the shoe liners. The liners in these shoes were removable, making it easy to iron.
  • Iron the student’s name on the tongue of each shoe.


This will help teach Pre-School and Kindergarten students their left foot from their right.  Simply match the halves of the butterfly.


Labelling School Supplies with Heat Transfer Material



Labelling School Supplies with Heat Transfer Material



Backpack and Gym Clothes Labels

  • Use the divide tool in the modify window to add the child’s name to the middle of the butterfly.
  • Iron the label onto the backpack and onto the inside of the gym clothes.

Labelling School Supplies with Heat Transfer Material



Labelling School Supplies with Heat Transfer Material



Pencil Case

  • Enlarge the font and decrease the size of the butterfly.
  • Position the butterfly at an angle so it looks as though it is flying.

Labelling School Supplies with Heat Transfer Material



HTM is a wonderful product. If you haven’t had a chance to try it, do so! It is so versatile and enjoyable to craft with.



Labelling School Supplies with Heat Transfer Material




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Hi, my name is Martha Clyde. I am a stay-at-home Mom of a 4 year old daughter and a 2 year old son. My children bring so much delight to my life and I thoroughly enjoy every minute (well almost every minute!) raising them. On a part time basis, I am employed as a Sergeant in the Canadian Forces Reserves. With 14 years of service, I am very proud to serve my country as a military musician. From a young age, I have fond memories of learning to sew, craft, and cross-stitch in 4-H and perfecting these skills with my talented and crafty Mother. Later in life, I found myself refinishing furniture, planning parties and events, sewing for my children and making crafts with my kids. I always have a project on the go, just ask my husband! This is where the Silhouette Cameo became the perfect fit for so many of my projects.

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  1. This awesome! What kind of font are you using? Thanks in advance!

    1. This font is called SW Swirl Dance. It’s a great font because it welds well. You can purchase it in the Silhouette Online Store.

  2. How cute and practical! I love how detailed the cut is. this would also work for daycare, too, especially with their clothes.

    1. Agreed, I think these labels would be great for daycare too!

  3. Perfect combo of font and shape – so cute. Glad to see you put her name on the underside of her backpack so strangers don’t know her name. Smart Mommy!

    1. You noticed that, thanks!

  4. Great idea with the butterfly in the shoes to tell right from left. If the shoes don’t have removable insoles, perhaps the printable sticker paper would work well. Though the vinyl is probably more durable. Maybe the clear sticker paper would be a good compromise?

    1. Yes, Heat Transfer Material (aka vinyl) would definitely be more durable but it might be worth experimenting with sticker paper. I would try the clear sticker paper first as well. HTM is definitely a permanent solution but I would imagine that sticker paper would have some durability. If you try it, post an update on how it went! Thanks!

      1. I’ve done it with Vinyl and it works great 🙂

  5. I would love to do this to my boys’ lunchboxes but I’m afraid the iron would melt the nylon. Do you think I could use vinyl instead? I’ve never used either the heat transfer material or vinyl so I’m excited to experiment a bit! Such a fun idea – thanks for sharing!

  6. These are great, Martha! My own little Evelyn saw these pictures with her name and all the pink and thought it must be for her. I think I will be using some heat transfer material for her school gear this year. 😉

    1. Well now I know someone else who has a daughter with the name Evelyn! You don’t hear it too often, but I think it’s a beautiful name. 🙂

  7. Oh Martha this is an awesome idea! I love how you incorporated the butterfly so it’s not just her name. Everything looks so professional with the heat transfer material too.

  8. Martha,
    What temp did you use for the nylon backpack? Too cute!!

  9. Great article Martha! A great way to label all of your kids stuff without it looking boring. I really like how you put some pictures into the labels, makes them nice to look at instead of just another boring name label 🙂

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