Novelty Cameo Brooch
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Novelty Cameo Brooch


Novelty Cameo Brooch by Jessee M for Silhouette America


I have this group of friends who partake in this thing online called Novelty Brooch Friday. Every Friday they wear these super cute brooches that are either very kitschy, very large or just plain weird. When I was trying to come up with my project for this week, the image of their brooches kept popping up in my head. So after a bit of browsing in the Silhouette Design Store I came up with the above combination.


I used four different Silhouette brand products to achieve a complex look that was also very sturdy.


The base piece and the main frame are made from Chipboard. I used the Oval Picture Frame file and the Offset tool in Silhouette Studio to create a thicker base for the whole brooch. After using the offset tool I duplicated the design three times, so I had four of the same thing on my screen. Two of them I left be, but the third and fourth one I ungrouped and then deleted the middle oval. I took the fourth piece is pulled it off to the side for later use. I then proceeded to cut the other three shapes out of Chipboard.


The background piece is cut from Adhesive Washi Sheets. Specifically the cute blue polka dotted part. I used that fourth frame file that I set aside for this piece. After cutting it out I just stuck it right onto the chipboard backing!


The lady was cut from Black Adhesive-Backed Cardstock using the acurently named Silhouette file.


The final piece to this brooch puzzle was the original Oval Picture Frame File, unaltered, that was cut from Printable Silver Foil. I attached this piece to one of the chipboard frames I cut out earlier. I then glued all of the chipboard pieces into a stack making sure the one with the washi tape was on the bottom, the blank one was in the middle and the one with the silver frame was on top.


After everything was dry I glued a pin back to the back, kinda close to the top. Then I coated the entire thing in a waterproof sealant so it can be worn out and about with no worries. The sealant actually gave the silver foil a nice aged look that I feel complimented the entire piece perfectly.


Novelty Cameo Brooch by Jessee M for Silhouette America

Novelty Cameo Brooch by Jessee M for Silhouette America

The best part about this brooch is it didn’t take too much time to make, plus there are loads of different silhouettes available in the shop, so I can make one for each and every one of my novelty brooch loving friends!!



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Jessee M

Hello! My name is Jessee Maloney and I am stay at home mom who is also a small business owner. When I’m not doing those two things I spend the rest of my time finding new ways to make things. I come from a very creative family and pretty much all of my free time since I was a kid has involved art and crafting. I am a collector of skills too. If there is a craft I haven’t tried yet, I make it my goal to learn everything about it!

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Portrait Cutting Mat

Adhesive Washi Sheets


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  1. Absolutely beautiful! thanks for sharing. Edwina Brown

  2. Darling idea! Your friends are going to love you more!! Love the Wearing a Broach on Friday idea, too. So cute!

  3. This is so creative Jessee…love how you used all of the different materials to make this.

  4. I love this, its so pretty!

  5. Hi Ashley!

    You can definitely build them.. In a couple of different ways even. You can either cut each piece out individually and layer them like you mentioned, or ‘build’ it right in the Silhouette studio software, fill each piece with color then print and cut it out. Hope that helps 🙂

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