Memory Game Kids Activity
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Memory Game Kids Activity


My kids love the classic games like tic-tac-toe, memory, and go fish. I thought it would be fun to whip up a memory game for my two little ones. I made the cards around 2.5″ big so that they were large enough for their little hands to pick up.



This did take a bit of time, but it was well worth it! I mostly used the print and cut feature, which is so easy!  Start out by going through the online store or your own library in the Silhouette Software. Select which shapes you’d like to use. I ended up doing 12 different designs, but you can choose as many as you’d like. Once you have your shapes selected, if they are not already print ready like the echo park garden boots, then you will have to do a few more steps.


Here is the process I went through with each shape. Open the shape select Object > Ungroup. You may have to do this several times until all of your items are Ungrouped. Then fill each piece of the shape with a fill color. Once you have all of your pieces filled in, you will want to assemble them together since they will be separated in their various pieces. Once you have them all assembled, group them back together.


You will also have to resize them to fit into your designed card shape. Don’t forget to also go to the cut menu and select No Cut for the shape you just filled in. You only want the rounded square to cut out. Like I mentioned before, I used the rounded rectangle shape to draw a 2.5″ square. I also used this as my guide on how large or small to make each image.



I also used the blue stripes pattern for the top of my game pieces. This step is pretty easy. Open up the pattern draw or copy your 2.5″ rounded rectangle shape. Select both the pattern and your 2.5″ shape and select Object > Modify > Crop. Now your pattern will be in the shape of your game piece. When I purchased my patterns, I could not find them in the library! Some nice lady in support had to inform me that there is a folder in your Silhouette Library marked Patterns and that is where my patterns were hiding.  Good to know 🙂




Repeat this process with all of your shapes. Once you have all of your shapes ready, you can print (using the registration marks) and cut them out. I made 3 different layers for each game piece. Top layer was the blue stripes pattern, the next layer was a piece of chip board, the bottom layer was the colorful shapes I described above. Remember you will have to print 2 of each design to create a pair and then print/cut out the corresponding top and middle piece too. I ended up printing/cutting 24 game piece sets in total.




You will also have to sandwich together the top piece and the bottom colorful shapes with a piece of shipboard in the middle. When you have assembled all of your game pieces, let your kids try them out! I know they will have a blast!









echo park garden boots

echo park sand bucket & shovel
echo park truck
echo park fish
echo park sea horse
echo park bird
echo park candy
echo park skateboard & scooter
echo park ice cream cone
echo park doughnut
echo park teapot & cup
blue stripes pattern

Products Used:


Sticker Paper - White


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  1. So fun to make your own memory game cards! The shapes you chose are adorable. 🙂

  2. Darling project, Jessica. And pretty simple once you’ve got all of your shapes resized and grouped—just print and cut! THanks for the inspiration!

  3. So cute Jessica! Our youngest would love these!

  4. These are adorable! Great idea!

  5. Thanks you guys! It was super fun and pretty easy to make! I thought about doing some with the kids photos! I think that would be fun!

  6. Adorable project!! Such a great idea Jessica!

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