Layered Heat Transfer Airplane Shirt
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Layered Heat Transfer Airplane Shirt

Airplane Shirt | Lil' Mrs. Tori



My husband is the inspiration behind this shirt. He has served in the Air Force for almost 9 years now. I have been by his side for every one of those years. I still remember when he told this Florida girl (who never lived anywhere else, I might add) his first station was Utah!  My response “Will there be snow?!”  That winter I got a crash course in the do’s and don’ts of snow driving!!


We have now lived in 3 different places and each move is harder than the next. However, through those struggles are major positives like meeting some amazing friends (thanks to the AF I’ve got friends all over the country and some overseas!) and living in some gorgeous places.  I am also very proud of my husband’s hard work. So when I started making this shirt, which was originally just a plane, I knew it needed more.  Something my little guy can wear to show he is proud of his daddy too!


With this shirt I was able to experiment with layering the heat transfer. I wanted to see how tricky it was to layer smooth over flocked. I used flocked heat transfer in navy for the main body parts of the plane.


Airplane Shirt | Lil" Mrs. Tori


I used smooth metallic heat transfer for the window and the propeller  and used black smooth heat transfer for the wheels.


I see now why I should of went with smooth transfer with the whole design. I did not have any problems with the smooth adhering  but I ended up getting a few bumps where it overlaps the flocked heat transfer.


However, it really isn’t too noticeable with this particular design and I like the textured matte body of the plane paired with the shiny window and propeller.  If you are a stickler for bumps you may want to do the design all in smooth.




I used fonts I found in the Silhouette Online Store and positioned them on top of each other.  Aim High – Fly, Fight, Win  is the motto for the Air Force. So that is why I choose that phrase.


Airplane Shirt | Lil' Mrs. Tori


That’s it! I love how simple the CAMEO makes it to create such cute shirts! For those plane loving  boys out there this is a perfect last minute gift! Wink, wink!



Tori Grant






LW Tall, LW Friendly


Tori Grant

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  1. Love this shirt! My youngest loves airplanes right now and my hubby has always enjoyed planes. They would both appreciate a shirt for my little boy like this. Thanks for the inspiration and the tips!

    1. Awh! This would be perfect for them Kelly! 🙂

  2. I am so glad to see all of your apparel projects on the blog these days. You are highlighting just how versatile the Cameo really is.

    1. Thanks Torrie! Seriously I am always amazed and what this machine can do!! It pretty much can do it all! 🙂

  3. Too cute Tori! Love this fun design!

    1. Thanks Ashley!

  4. This is adorable…I love the look of combining the metallic and flocked heat transfer materials!

  5. Such a cute shirt! And I love the personal significance behind the design. I’m sure it makes your hubby smile to see this on your little guy. And thanks for the tips on layering HTV, Tori!

    1. It really is my favorite shirt I have made so far! It is just the perfect “boy” shirt. Thanks Lauren:)

  6. Love the meaning behind the shirt. I also like hearing about things that work and don’t work. Glad you tried it out and shared about layering over flocked HT. Merry Christmas Tori!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I was a little worried that the smooth wouldn’t adhere to the flocked! So far it’s been washed twice without any sign of peeling. yay! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  7. This is amazing Tori!! I got a Cameo for Christmas.. So time to figure it out!!

    1. I can’t wait to see all the fun projects you come up with Marni!

  8. The combined heat transfer looks amazing! What a great idea!

    1. Thanks Amanda!

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