Cookies for Santa Place Card and Straw Toppers
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Cookies for Santa Place Card and Straw Toppers

Since Christmas is fast approaching, I thought it would be fun to design a place card and straw flags for Santa Claus. That’s right! Why shouldn’t Santa have a festive little setup too? I know he would enjoy coming down the chimney to a plate full of cookies and a glass of hot chocolate.  Hot chocolate you say? Yes, I know our Santa really loves hot chocolate . Plus, I am sure he gets sick of just drinking milk. Maybe that’s why we get so many presents every year? Hmm. . .




First, I created these little place cards. I basically created a rectangle, filled the rectangle with Just Us Digital Pattern, used LB Petticoat Black to typed “for” and added the Santa Claus signature. On the back side, I thought it would be fun to include a little Gingerbread Man. How cute is he? In a few steps, you have a festive place card for Santa letting him know which cookies were made specifically for him. Now he won’t eat any of your cookies!




I also designed coordinating straw toppers. For these, I made the shape using the circle tool and the rounded rectangle tool. Though I love the traditional straw flags that were posted on the blog last week (they even match my place cards too) sometimes it’s a pain to get the straw flags to line up correctly. My straw topper is super easy to assemble, you just slide it on the straw! I designed two different variations of straw toppers: Gingerbread Man and Santa’s face which I created using the mustache from Santa Photo Props.









Just Us Digital Pattern
Santa Photo Props
Santa Claus
Gingerbread Man
LB Petticoat Black



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  1. Very cute Jessica! Love the combo of the straw with the place card.

  2. So cute…I especially love the mustache straw toppers!

  3. These are adorable…I have a serious hankering for hot chocolate now too!

  4. So fun Jessica, and I love the mustache on the straw topper!!

  5. These are great! The Santa mustache topper is pretty fun, and even better sticking out of hot chocolate!

  6. What shape did you use for the straw topper, itself? Did I just miss it?

  7. Thank you guys! I thought these would be a fun touch for Santa 🙂 Plus, I LOVE Hot Cocoa. Like, almost as much as I love cupcakes! LeAnn, for the straw “shape” I made a circle and then used the rounded rectangle tool to make the top and bottom. Then weld these shapes together when you have them just right. Then use the circle shape again to create a circle on both the top and bottom that will feed onto the straw. Hope that helps!

  8. This is so cute! I have never made the straw toppers before. Can you give me an idea of what size you made each shape? I was just going to try to recreate this and then decided rather than making a ton of cuts to get the hole to fit a straw I would make my life much easier and just ask. LOL! Thanks!

    1. The center shape is a 2″ round and the total height is 3″! The holes for the straw to insert are 0.275″ round. Hope that helps! I know this is a little late, but these are fun to do for all occasions!

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