Triangle Graphic Tee
First Cut

Triangle Graphic Tee

I love to refashion clothes but one of the things I don’t like is how long it can sometimes take.  Unpicking, cutting, sewing… and hoping that it will all work out in the end.  An easier way to refashion a shirt is with heat transfer! You can quickly makeover a shirt without sewing a single stitch!  I took a plain old t-shirt and turned it into a fun geometric graphic shirt.  I used the Triangle Template / Background shape  for this shirt.  Instead of giving myself a headache trying to figure out how to make the shape fit the collar of my shirt perfectly, I simply cut out the entire triangle background on my CAMEO using the black heat transfer that comes in the heat transfer kit.


weed out


Once it is cut, you can weed out the parts that you don’t want.  I used the hook tool to weed out my unwanted triangles.


Heat transfer shirt


Then I put the whole thing on top of my shirt.  I had originally planned to go all the way up to the shoulder seams on both sides but when I set the cut heat transfer on top of my shirt, I thought it looked way cool as it was.  It only needed a little polishing.


heat transfer shirt refashion


While it was resting on the shirt, I took a pair of scissors and carefully cut around my collar.  I also cut off some of the triangles that seemed out of place.   The only thing left was to iron it on! I like to go over it a few times until I really see the heat transfer combining with the fibers of the shirt.


before and after triangle shirt


Who doesn’t love a good before and after shot!



Shapes used: Triangle Template / Background

Lisa Richards

Products Used:


Heat Transfer Starter Kit


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  1. Love what you did…super cute shirt!

  2. This design is so hip! Love the way your shirt turned out!

  3. This looks awesome Lisa!! Love the Black triangles on the Teal t-shirt!!

  4. Thanks for the tips on cutting the whole background, and then cutting down the neckline. That’s been my issue with trying to do shirts for myself! Great tips. Thanks!

  5. Love this! And great idea for cutting around the neckline the way you did!

  6. I love how this shirt turned out! The black triangles against the teal is so pretty! I will have to try this!!

  7. Super cute! I am excited to play with the heat transfer too! Nice job Lisa!

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