Fabric Ink Robot Shirt
First Cut

Fabric Ink Robot Shirt

I have a little boy who loves robots.  His  favorite movies and action figures all revolve around these little machines. While watching one of his favorite movies the idea hit me. He would probably love a robot shirt!   I searched the Silhouette Design store and found this cute robot graphic from by Hero Arts.


Design Studio | Silhouette


Now I do love that little heart in the middle, however I wanted the shirt personalized. Instead of the heart I added his initial.  In the studio software I first ungrouped the image. This allows me to edit any shape from the design.


Design Robot


Once the heart was cut I used the text tool to add the letter B. I used the font Petticoat Black by Scrapnfonts.


I loaded the stencil vinyl into the CAMEO. I made sure my cut settings were set to vinyl and hit the send to Silhouette.


Once the image was cut, I weeded out the design with the hook tool. I then applied the transfer tape to transfer the image onto my shirt.


Stencil Vinyl Kit


Once my stencil was on the shirt I used Silhouette black ink and a sponge to paint.  I pressed the ink on lightly to give the ink a broken look.


Stencil Vinyl and Fabric Ink


Wait for the paint to dry before pulling the stencil off.


Personalized Robot shirts


I couldn’t stop there. I also made one for his little brother but instead of using the fabric ink I used metallic heat transfer vinyl.  I love the way it shines on the black shirt.


Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl


He loves his robot shirt. He even asks to put it on. I asked him what he wanted his next shirt to look like. He just said more robots. I think I  have my work cut out for me!


With Silhouette the possibilities are endless for shirt designs.  Personalized shirts make the perfect gift for the holidays. Are you planning on making any gifts this year with your Silhouette? I would love to hear about them.




Shapes: Heart Robot

Font: LD Petticoat Black


Tori Grant

Products Used:

New Silhouette CAMEO®


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  1. Awe…this is super sweet! Love it!

  2. Adorable! My boys love robots, too. 🙂

  3. Love it!!! Cant wait to win one LOL Thanks for the giveaways, Sent from That’s what Che said

  4. That is flipping awesome. I love it!

  5. I can’t wait to make this if I win the giveaway! That’s What Che Said sent me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Too cute! Love how you applied the robot two ways!

  7. For some reason I can only view new posts like once a week, the whole weeks worth finally becomes visible at the same time. Then the rest of the week no new posts. And I have to sign in to the online store to get the free shape of the week I can’t view it on the blog until after it’s no longer available. Am I doing something wrong? Are you still trying to work kinks out in the site? Please help

    1. Hi Candace,

      It sounds like you might need to close your browser window and clear the cache/cookies. Let me know if you are still having problems viewing it after that.

  8. These are two cute, Tori!! Love the image on the two different color shirts and it looks great on your little guy!

  9. Super!!!!!!!

  10. Love this!!

  11. This is adorable…there’s a pretty good chance I’m totally copying this idea for my nephew’s Christmas present this year. 🙂

  12. I use heat transfer all the time – don’t know what I did before I tried it out and before I got a Silhouette for my birthday!! Here is the link to my customized Christmas wear for babies:
    ENJOY …….. i DID!!

  13. I am trying to make these for my grandsons but live in the country and only have a Walmart. I did order easy weed heat transfer iron on vinyl and inkjet printable vinyl, also oracal 631 and 635 I do not know what to use for the stencil! Somone said contact paper in a pinch. What about overhead projector sheets, sprayed with sticky to hole it on. I want to do them very badly but don’t think I have the right stencil material. I brought inks, etc at MIchaels yesterday but it is a 45 min. drive each way, NOT going back before Christmas 🙂 HELP (please) this is my 3rd day with the machine
    I am just a grandmom, not a business

  14. I cannot for the life of me figure out which parts to “weed” I must have printed off six of these and keep messing up 🙁 I guess I just don’t understand how to make a stensil

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