Harvest Framed Art
First Cut

Harvest Framed Art

Hand drawn words, phrases and shapes are trending right now in all different types of crafting, and this week’s free shape fits nicely in that category with 3 handwritten fall themed words. With the ‘harvest’ shape,  vinyl and an empty frame I created a great little addition to my gold/glittery pumpkins.




Adding vinyl to picture frame glass, or even windows in your home you’ll get a crisp clean look that you can easily swap out for holiday’s, special occasions or just when you feel like changing up your decor. I like the plain glass look so that I can see other frames and decor peeking through, but you can add a different kind of dimension by adding a subtle patterned paper to the inside of the frame.









harvest words





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  1. So Cute!!!

  2. Thanks for the great free shapes! Right now I enjoy using patterned paper in a frame, and sticking the vinyl right onto the paper so I can switch it out for the next season. Then it’s already made and ready for next year too! I love the look of vinyl on glass, but I just don’t want to have store frames…or remake it next year!

  3. I love this shape! Last weeks was pretty awesome too. Thank you so much!!!

  4. What font was used for Harvest? I love it.

    1. Hi Debbie, the ‘harvest’ was hand drawn. 🙂

  5. be still my heart! You continue with your usual awesomeness!

    1. Thanks Laurie! 🙂

  6. So pretty! Love the way the vinyl turned out in the frame!

  7. The free shape is perfect this week…beautiful project.

  8. I have a question, everytime I try to access your blog a program called sandbox wants a password. Is that a new program with your blog or is it a problem with my computer?

    1. Hi Ann,

      To fix that, you’ll want to close out of the blog and clear the cache/cookies in your web browser.

      1. Thanks, I finally got it working!

  9. Thanks!!

  10. This is so pretty!!! Thanks for sharing your awesomeness!!!

  11. Oh Jeana – I LOVE this frame of yours – it could say anything and look fabulous. What a really lovely little set-up you have created there…

    Paula x x x

    1. Thanks Paula!!

  12. EEEEEKK! Amazing idea – Many thanks 🙂

  13. Where are the adorable pumpkins from??!

  14. Wonderful Idea! How long do we have to download the free shape before it’s not free anymore? Thought we had at least a week. Just tried to access it but now it’s 99 cents. It’s only been 3 days…..?

    1. Thanks Robin! If you add it to your cart and it’s still showing as 99cents I would recommend contacting customer support at support@silhouetteamerica.com and they can take care of that for ya.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I will do that.

  15. I love the way this looks! So pretty!!!!!

  16. This is awesome but I’m very new and thought I had downloaded this but I don’t find it in my library. Can anyone help.

    1. Hi Eileen, customer support would be happy to help you get that downloaded. You may contact them at support@silhouetteamerica.com.

    2. Eileen, I agree, that customer service people there are fantastic. I have gone there with many questions, and they answer quickly and with solutions! I love those guys. Good Luck.

  17. That is just gorgeous. Question: How did you place your letters so evenly? Is there some trick or tip that you can pass on?
    I really like to hear all the steps along the way…it’s how I learn and I love tips, so feel free to add as many as you know! LOL I love your project. How would you store your vinyl when swapping out the words for a new Holiday?

    1. Hi Anna! The trick for placing vinyl letters and shapes is using the transfer tape. It’s a lifesaver! There’s a vinyl video tutorial on our YouTube channel that shows it in action. To store the vinyl you’d have to keep it attached to the glass and swap that out for the different holidays. If glass isn’t something you want to store, pieces of clear plexiglass work well too and aren’t as fragile which makes for better for storing.

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