Chipboard Puzzle
First Cut

Chipboard Puzzle

Hello crafty friends! Today I am here to share a project that I created using one of my favorite materials to cut with the CAMEO… Silhouette chipboard! I love the chipboard because it is such an easy way to add durability and dimensions to my projects.

For today’s project I combined the chipboard with the white sticker paper to make a little puzzle.

You can make a puzzle out of any picture you choose, or you can use shapes from the online store like I did here. I opened the owl shape in Silhouette studio and using the shape’s thumbnail in my library as reference, I opened the fill color window and filled in all of the shapes with color.

Once all of the shapes had color, I grouped them together and put them inside a rounded square that I drew using the rounded rectangle tool.
Then, to create the fun polkadot border, I used one of the patterns in the fill pattern window.

Next, I opened the puzzle shape and resized it to fit right over the top of the owl.

Because I only wanted the puzzle pieces to cut, and not the other shapes, I then opened the cut style window and set everything to no cut except for the puzzle shape.

Then I changed the paper size to letter, turned on the registration marks and printed it out on a piece of white sticker paper.

Then, I placed the sticker paper on the mat, loaded it into the CAMEO, selected printable sticker paper from the menu and cut it out.

Next, I turned off the registration marks and cut the same shape out of chipboard. Then I carefully applied each sticker piece to the corresponding chipboard piece. Voila… adorable chipboard puzzle!

I also used the chipboard to cut out a small box to store the puzzle in, and of course you need to have a picture to look at for reference when putting the puzzle together, so I printed the owl image again on a smaller scale to adhere to the top of the box.

How fun would it be to make one of these with your child’s picture, or one of their favorite toys, pets etc?!



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  1. This is awesome!!! Wouldn’t this be a perfect party favour for children?!!

  2. After printing onto the adhesive paper, could you have stuck it to the chipboard then cut out the puzzle pieces? I’m not sure I would be able to line everything up correctly.

    1. I agree! I hope this is possible, too….?

    2. Same question..
      Waiting for the answer

    3. I would think you could. You’d have to make sure you put the whole piece of sticker paper, registration marks and all, on the chipboard. You would also have to increase the blade setting too. A test cut would work well to show you if the setting is right.

  3. I love this!!

  4. What a great project! I really need to get some of this chipboard and sticker paper. This would make a fantastic gift for my toddler granddaughter. Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. Just curious . . . did you try sticking the picture to the chip board before cutting the jigsaw shapes? That would save a lot of time but maybe the Silhouette can’t cut that . . .

    1. The quickest route for me was to go with what I already knew… the cut settings for each of them individually in Silhouette studio. So that’s what I went with 🙂

  6. Brilliant 🙂

  7. Thank you for a super idea. I am going to try this only with Thomas the Train and friends for my great-grandson. Now to the store to see how much the sticker paper is. And the jigsaw puzzle, did you use the file from the store? Thank you for sharing. Carolyn (cmsmith46580 at gmail dot com)

  8. Gorgeous project! Thanks for the tutorial 🙂

    Lins 🙂

  9. such a good idea! love this, especially if using a family photo!

  10. This is so neat!!!

  11. Super cute!

  12. Love it!! Super cute!!

  13. WHAT A HOOT!!! I love this idea.. sooo using it for my friends baby… sooo cute!

  14. How do you get the shapes box to appear on the left side. That is nice to have.

    1. You can do a split screen by opening your library, then selecting the ‘show library and drawing screen’ icon which is the bottom icon along the left side of the screen in Silhouette studio. Then, to change the size of the windows, you can place your curser right over the border between the two. Then, once you see your curser turn into a double sided arrow, click and drag right or left.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

  15. I just can’t seem to figure out how to fill just the border around the owl. I have tried and tried and can’t seem to remember how to do it. Can anyone help?

    1. Hi Susan,

      Take two squares, one slightly smaller than the other, select them both and turn them into a compound path with either a right click, or in the modify window. Then you should be able to fill it 🙂

      Hope that helps!

  16. Cute cute cute!!! Love the puzzle idea.

  17. I would love to know what printer you use?!

    1. Hi Lorinda,

      I use an epson wide format printer.

  18. Can you cut magnet paper into puzzle pieces? Using basically the same technique?

  19. Here I am again with another question! When I make a compound path so I can fill the border, I can’t figure out how to turn off the inside cut line. I don’t know why I am so confused!!! Can you help?

    1. Once you have printed it, release the compound path and delete the inside shape and you should be good to go 🙂

  20. Love this idea and I tried it on another owl I have that comes in segments and when I color them and go to line them up they don’t fit correctly. There is no way to move the pieces in smaller increments that I have found as of yet. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!


    1. When trying to line up the shapes I like to zoom in pretty close, and use the arrow keys on my keyboard to ‘nudge’ them. Sometimes it won’t be exact so I just resize it up or down a little and it usually looks just fine. Hope that helps? 🙂

  21. I’m trying to use a photo to make a puzzle. Doing a test one and one side doesn’t. The rest comes out perfect. Cut it with the paper cutter but wonder if there is something I’m doing that can be corrected? Thanks.

  22. Oops, one side doesn’t cut……….

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