DIY Rhinestone Cuff
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DIY Rhinestone Cuff

Hi there… and happy Wednesday! When I was thinking about a project to share today I wanted to challenge myself and try something that I personally hadn’t done before, incorporating the Silhouette in jewelry making. There’s a lot you can do, but because I like my jewelry to have a little sparkle, I went with Silhouette rhinestones and made this chevron cuff.
Want to give it a try? Here’s the scoop on how you can make your own::
I used a leather cuff that I purchased from the craft store, but for a softer look, I think this same technique would look cute on a fabric one too.

1. Gather these Silhouette supplies : rhinestone starter kit, assorted rhinestone pack {clear, champagne, peach}
2. Cut the rhinestone chevron shape out of the black rhinestone material. Adhere it to the the backing board and fill with rhinestones.
3. Once all of the rhinestones are face up in the holes, carefully place transfer tape over the design, and press down lightly to make sure all of the rhinestones adhere to the tape.
4. Carefully remove the transfer tape and rhinestone design.
5. Place the transfer tape / rhinestones on top of the cuff, and cover with a small piece of fabric or cloth.
6. Place hot iron over the top for about 45 seconds, then slowly remove the transfer tape. If one or two of the rhinestones come up with the transfer tape, it is easy to set them individually with the rhinestone setter.

If you’d like to see more projects using the Silhouette rhinestones along with step by step instructions, check out these video tutorials on our YouTube channel.

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  1. Gorgeous! I am new to the Silhouette Cameo! I am anxious to try working with rhinestone!

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