Custom Party Utensils
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Custom Party Utensils

Have you seen the popular paint dipped trend on Pinterest? I am loving it!  It is a super easy way to add a pop of color to just about anything by simply dipping part of it in paint. Clever!

For today’s project I used that technique, added a Silhouette twist of course, and made these paint dipped wooden utensils. Wouldn’t they be fun for a 4th of July BBQ next week?

All you’ll need to make your own: a few wooden utensils, stencil vinyl and paint. Start by cutting your shapes/names out of the stencil vinyl then adhere them to the handle end of the utensils. Because I was going for a patriotic theme I used a star shape, but you can customize them for all sorts of party themes using other shapes in the store, or use your text tool and cut out names instead. Next dip them in paint and then the hardest part… wait for them to dry. Once they are mostly dry, use the hook tool to carefully remove the vinyl and reveal your design. Super easy peasy!

They also look pretty cute in this vellum bag tied with a bit of twine.

What trends have you been loving lately?

shooting star frame
bag with rounded top


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  1. Wow, it’s a great idea!!! I like it. Greetings, Ina

  2. Where did you get the wooden utensils? I haven’t seen them in any stores here in Virginia.

    1. I got them from a local party store, but if you aren’t able to find them there in virginia, I have also seen them on etsy. 🙂

  3. Marvelous idea – they do look amazing 🙂

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