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Pallet Art

Hi there! Can you believe a week has already passed, and it’s time for another free shape? Well, I am excited to share this week’s shape with you. Myself and the other girls here at the office are swooning over this one! It’s got that hand drawn look that is so popular right now and combined with a little stencil vinyl, wood and paint, it makes for darling home decor…

Today’s project is simple and can be done fairly quickly which means it is craft night friendly. So, lets impress your friends with your crafty skills and then show them how they can make their own, shall we?  🙂

First, open the shape in Silhouette studio and resize it to fit your board.

If your project is going to be larger than 9″ you’ll then want to ungroup the shape and slice it in half. Then cut each half out of the stencil vinyl and apply it to your boards using the transfer tape. Once you’ve got the stencil placed, use your scraper tool to make sure that any air bubbles are out and that the edges of the stencil are adhered really well. Then, carefully remove the transfer tape.

Now you are all set to paint. For a more distressed and aged look, you don’t even have worry about getting even coats of paint.
It doesn’t take long to dry, but once it is mostly dry you can start peeling off the stencil vinyl to reveal your design. The hook tool is going to come in handy here for removing all of the little bits inside the letters and flowers.
Once you are done removing the vinyl, all that is left to do is sit back and admire your work…

Now, I really like the phrase that comes with this shape, but it can easily be swapped out for a family name, another inspirational phrase or a little reminder you need in your home, using the type tool in Silhouette studio.



hook tool
scraper tool
stencil vinyl


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  1. Thanks! This is so pretty.

  2. Love it! What a great addition to your decor. -Jen

  3. I love your sign. Can you tell me where you got the stand at. Thanks

    1. Yes I’d love to know where you found that stand as well!!! 🙂 It’s perfect to display such a fabulous creation like what you’ve come up with! 🙂

    2. Ditto!

    3. Thanks! I got the stand from Rod Works.

  4. SOO cute! I am excited to give this a try! Thanks for sharing… I have resisted the stencil vinyl long enough!!!

  5. I was thinking as I read this post that the shape would be great to use with another saying, or even just using the top or bottom of it. And then at the end, you suggested using another saying! I love designs which are versatile.

  6. Beautiful – love the wood base 🙂

  7. This is beautiful. TFS.
    I am new to Silhouette and the challenges.
    I was wondering is there a limit to the number of entries you can do each week?

    1. Just one entry will be counted, but we would love to see all of your projects so feel free to post if you have more than one. 🙂

  8. Hi Jeana (or anyone else who may know the answer)

    As it doesn’t say on the product description, please could you tell me if the template material is re-useable. i.e. does it keep so you could use at a later date – I’m thinking more towards making some of the mask/overlay/backgrounds that are in the store…

    Thanks in advance

    Paula x x x

    1. Hi Paula,

      The vinyl stencil material is meant for a one time use.

  9. There are so many cute ideas on this blog! I’m glad That’s What Che Said sent me here! Thanks Silhouette for all the giveaways!

  10. Thanks for the giveaways, I would love to win one to use for my quilting!

  11. I’d like to write a different phrase in the middle using the same font. How do I do that? Is the font sold separately? I can’t seem to write over the phrase in the same font.

    1. This shape, including the lettering were actually hand drawn, so the text isn’t editable. If you want to add your own phrase to the middle, you can always use the eraser tool to remove the phrase, then use the type tool to add your text. Hope that helps!

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