DIY Travel Journal
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DIY Travel Journal

If you are going on vacation soon, and especially if you plan to scrapbook that vacation when you get home, this little project is going to come in handy…
I used a couple of the shapes included in this week’s free shape to dress up a little notebook to use as a travel journal. Now, I can take this journal, a good pen and some washi tape with me on trips/vacations and each night write a little bit about what happened that day and tape down any tickets, instax pictures or other bits I want to keep for possible use in my scrapbook. {and if I am busy when I get home and don’t have time to scrapbook everything, I’ve got this cute little thing to keep it stored in. }
To make this uber simple to put together, I cut the ‘vacation’ and the US map shape out of white sticker paper. So, it’s just peel and stick.

Same with the ‘we were here’ and the sheet of tiny stars… but instead of the white sticker paper I used the printable gold foil.

The stars just might be my favorite part. I made them to put on the map in the general area of each vacation. {Here’s hoping I get to use all of those stars! 🙂 } To make sure I don’t lose them, I made a small envelope and adhered it to the inside cover. Now they aren’t going anywhere.

If you are planning on sticking closer to home in your travels, instead of the US map you could easily use just the shape of your state… and if you don’t have any traveling planned… make one anyway and give yourself an excuse to go somewhere! 🙂

Shapes: click on the shapes below to link to them in the Silhouette Design Store. 
vacation titles

shooting star frame
usa map


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  1. Super cute! And I have the USA already! Love it!

  2. OHH this is perfect! I just bought a notebook for a travel journal this summer…Oh I know… The We are Here could be used in a moment layout too… OH wait I will make/buy some postcards to send back to friends and I will add the “we are here” on the map of wherever we are!!! brilliant!

  3. Thank you! I’m new with the cameo (just bought it) and can’t wait to give the file a try

  4. What a great idea… thank you for sharing!!

  5. Wow great job…and wonderful idea!!!

  6. Great idea – LOVE IT 🙂

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