Scrap paper magic
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Scrap paper magic

Confession time friends. Who has a box of scraps that they haven’t touched in a while? Waiting for the PERFECT project to use them on because you can’t part with even the tiniest piece? Here is a fun way I used up some of my little scraps, to make room for new ones. 😉
First, I cut down my scraps to 3″x3″ square and place them on the mat like so… Then, I placed my mat along the small raised line on the left side {near the ratchet}, the top against the white rollers and pressed enter to load cutting mat.
Next, I opened a new file in Silhouette studio. You’ll notice when you open a new file that it looks something like this… a blank white page on a mat.

When cutting scraps you’ll want to be able to see the lines of the mat so that you can size and place your shapes inside the appropriate space/s. So, in the Page tools window I moved the toggle under ‘Reveal Cutting Mat’ all the way over to the right, at 100%.


Then, I opened and resized all of the fun little shapes I wanted to cut making sure that they were placed inside a 3″ square. I try to keep the shapes centered in those 3″ squares and not too close to the edges, just in case.

Then, I selected my paper type in the cut settings window and click cut.

Now I have myself some fun little, ready made, bits to add to my scrapbook pages and cards.

How adorable are these little bows?



3d ribbon bow {pink stripe}
8 chevron sayings
chevron banner
flag borders
assorted callout shapes
feather set 
6 banner set
3d star
antique doily
12 arrows
15 symbol journaling & embellishments
restroom girl
restroom boy
4 tag set
11 hearts
3d ribbon bow (blue polkadot)
assorted flower pack


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  1. What papers did you use ?


  2. Fantastic idea – Think I have to go do that soon!!!

  3. I LOVE this idea!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Clever AND Cute!!!

  5. What a clever way to use ALL of those pieces of left over paper! Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  6. I need one of those machines!!!! ha! Love the bow on the paper clip!

  7. I think it’s great! Thank you!

  8. I just had a total ‘duh’ moment….and I’m a quilter. Thanks for the tip!

  9. what a great idea, I have a drawer full of important scraps so this is ideal, think I may need to give it ago today (like I need an excuse to scrap lol)

  10. This is a really smart idea, I never thought to do that!

  11. This is such an awesome idea! Thanks! I can’t bear to let go of my pretty paper either, so I’ve got quite a stash to work with.

  12. Great idea. And some of those negatives would be cute tucked into a page or card.

  13. Wow! What a great idea! How clever of you….I need to try this

  14. Thank you SO much! I’m off to do this right now!

  15. I have a scrap stash, and thought I was pretty good about using. Thought when I first used my portrait I would lose a lot of paper cutting, but am getting the hang of being more frugal. Your idea is great!

  16. I love it! Great clever idea.

  17. This is awesome and a quick way to get lots of bits at once. But what’s up with all those little circles. I would lose them for sure. LOL but hey thanks for sharing. I always enjoy this.

  18. I LOVE how this turned out! They look so good together!

  19. What a great idea to have some things pre-done. I also love how you put your scraps on the mat all pretty and grouped by colors. 🙂

  20. Wonderful idea!

  21. Um that is way cool. My mat is losing its sticky so I will have to replace it before I can try it with little stuff. I love some of those shapes! How fun!

  22. Oops – I forgot to ask you – after you cut all of these out – how do you store them?

    1. I found small ziplock type of baggies at the dollar store (like 100 3×4″ for $1) and slip them inside. Makes it easy to view at a glance what is available.

    2. I’ve started storing my pre-cut extras in a little clear plastic accordion file folder so I can group them how I want. It’s great for cards that need to be made in 15 minutes or less to have some embellishments like these on hand, plus it uses my scraps so I’m not afraid to cut into my favorite piece of paper. Win-win!

  23. Great idea! I do make things with my scraps, but to intentionally plan this is an awesome idea! TFS!

  24. Such a great idea, thanks for sharing…

  25. This is GENIUS! What a great idea! THANKS!

  26. BRILLIANT….want to come & cut my scraps into squares!!!???? LOL TFS

  27. Such a cute idea…love it and will definitely be trying it!

  28. Great idea will certainly have to have a go at something like that….!!

  29. idée géniale!

  30. what a great idea…for all sizes of scraps. (just bought a few of these files)

  31. Well, I Could have thought of that myself, but of course I never did!
    How cleaver are you?!

  32. Poop! I meant clever. Need to pay attention…

  33. Genius! Thanks for sharing.

  34. This is the most useful post I’ve seen on this blog. What a great idea!

  35. Wow, how clever – love this idea 🙂 THANK YOU!!!

  36. OMG!This is the best idea I have seen yet. Can’t wait to get to my craft room today. Wow! So impressed. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Flipping amazing!!!!! I sooooooooooooo wish I had a Silhouette~!

  38. What a fabulous idea!

  39. This looks like so much fun! I’m digging out the scraps! TFS!

  40. sooooo clever! I will use this a lot!

  41. Great idea I have to remember this one!!!

  42. What a totally cute idea! Thanks so much for sharing it. I can’t wait to try it out!

  43. Thanks for this great idea – I have SO many scraps. Just a question though – the bow in the top left – the pink & white stripe – I have that as well, but can’t figure out how to assemble it so the tails are the same pattern as the bow itself. I have been using single-sided patterned paper and either the bow ends up white. OR if I’m using textured cardstock, the bow is the untextured side & looks odd. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

    1. Hi Rachel, Good news is, you aren’t doing anything wrong. 🙂 To get the same pattern or texture on the tails, I usually duplicate the shape, cut off the tails using the knife tool in silhouette studio. Then, once the original bow is assembled I adhere the tails from the duplicated shape over the top of the original ones. Hope that makes sense? Let me know if you have any other questions.

  44. I’m having problem with the cutting not lining up with the mat correctly. I had a Silhouette SD, but have just sold it and bought a silhouette cameo as I wanted to cut 12 x 12″ paper for layouts. Now when I stick the paper on the sticky mat, and then cut, it does not line up within the grid! It would make it very difficult to do this as the papers don’t match what is on the screen.

    1. Hi Janet,

      It is hard to tell what might be happening without being able to see it. But, there are two things I would check. 1st be sure that you are loading mat, and not loading media. 2nd when you load your mat, the left edge should line up with the small raised line that is just to the right of the ratchet on your machine. Let me know if either of those don’t do the trick. 🙂

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